Who We Are
An uncertain economic climate, rapidly changing markets, chaotic innovation processes and a status quo corporate culture can make innovation unpredictable and uncontrollable. Our core strengths are discovering emerging market trends and unrecognized customer demands and systemically transforming them into disruptive products, services and business models to create sustainable growth.
As your innovation partner, our goal is “Driving Transformations, Delivering Results.”
InnoEdge is an innovation consulting firm specializing in areas ranging from strategic planning to the practical execution of enterprise transformation. Our theme of solution is Customer Centered Innovation (CCI), which is based on the international innovation management standard CEN/TS 16555. It minimizes the effort needed to transform businesses and their supporting units.
 What We Do
We provide comprehensive ready-made building blocks, or plug-and-play modules, that suit the way you drive innovation in your business. We provide three streams of transformation to build strong connections with customers, employees and investors. You can choose the building blocks that suit the life cycle of your products, enterprises or markets to create tangible business results.
  • Building Customer Connections to Strengthen Customer Experience Transformation
  • Building Employee Connections to Sustain Organizational Transformation
  • Building Investor Connections to Secure Business Transformation
 Why Choose Us
In the last five years, our experts have helped hundreds of enterprises in Asia to successfully execute transformation projects across a host of business sectors, including life insurance, apparel, FMCG, banking, hospitality, financial planning, retail, public utilities and paper.