Businessman and businesswoman lined up getting ready for race in business
Intrigued by the opportunity to help Hong Kong enterprises tackle their next critical growth challenge? If you have the passion for strategic customer-centered thinking, innovative problem-solving, and a desire to make a business impact, explore how a career at InnoEdge can create your future.
Traditional consulting firms look to the past to figure out the future. InnoEdge works from the future back to help enterprises to find their most innovative ways to grow.  Our focus is work our clients tackle some of the most challenging questions in their business:
  • Where is their next golden opportunity and what is their innovation strategy to get there?
  • How do they build an organization that is innovative and customer focused?
  • How do they disrupt themselves before their competitors do?
As experts in Asian customer-centered innovation, our focus and size present unique opportunities for our consultants. You’ll have a chance to develop expertise in innovation methodologies. You’ll regularly interact with partners and have opportunities to take charge on initiatives that matter to you. You’ll get plenty of face time with clients as you work together to solve their most significant business challenges.  And you’ll have a chance to help shape the firm’s future.

InnoEdge project teams are the heart of our work. You’ll have the chance to contribute both individually and collaboratively alongside a diverse group of colleagues, building on your own strengths while broadening your skill set. While the size varies, most teams are typically 3-5 people.
We are driven by a core set of values that shape our culture and guide our work with clients  and with each other.
As expert innovation practitioners, we can help our clients not only to master advanced innovation techniques but also to develop a global perspective and strategic lens for tomorrow’s Innovation.
As a strategic innovation partner of our client, we provide knowledge and advice and also work with them and their team to make Innovation happen.
As a innovation coach of our client, we will inspire them to develop a series of practical, high-ROI, and quick-fix innovative solutions within a short period of time.