Project Objective: To enhance customer engagement and profit margins by transforming a price-driven selling process into a differentiation-centered best business practice
Background of Client: One of the leading paper manufacturers in the world
Staff Involved: Approximately 300 staff from headquarters and 7 local offices in Asia
Service Scope: Diagnose, Design, Determine, Develop and Deploy stages of Customer-Centered Innovation Method



As an over 50-year old conservative company, the majority of its management and sales staff used price reduction to close sales deals. Thus, the profit margin had dramatically decreased in the highly competitive business environment in the previous few years.
Although the company had launched some highly diverse products in the previous 2 years to enhance its strategic positioning, the staff still used old methods to position and promote these new products in Asia.
As more diverse products were to be launched, headquarters decided to optimize the company’s existing business practices and develop a value-driven working culture in its Asia offices.


In the initial stage, we conducted a series of interviews with general management and sales team representatives to gain an understanding of their culture and weaknesses in value-based selling. Afterward, we conducted a strategic change management workshop for regional and top management teams from seven of the company’s local offices. During the workshop, we successfully gained management’s commitment to support us in leading change in their offices. Then, we conducted operational change management workshops for the company’s business forces in different local offices.
In addition to changing the staff mind-set from price-driven to value-driven, we designed a value-selling process and developed six sets of core selling skills in the middle stage. We conducted a series of selling workshops for the company’s key accounting and new tele-sales teams and sales coaching workshops for its sales management teams in seven locations.
In the final stage, we provided differently formatted follow-up activities 3 to 6 months after the selling workshops.

<<< Client Results >>>

The majority of staff members were willing to use the new value-selling process after the first 6 months of this project. The profit margin of sales deals improved and the sales cycles of non-key accounts were significantly shortened.

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