Industry: Travel
Background of Client: A large travel company based in Hong Kong
Business unit(s) involved: Service Team and Marketing Team
Business Challenges:
The client has two business lines. The first provides low-cost travel services and the second provides high-value travel services. To differentiate the two business lines and gain more market share in the high-end market, the management of the second business line decided to develop innovative service practices for their high-end customers.
Methods Involved: Design Thinking, CEN/TS 16555 and 5i Customer Management Method
Type of Transformation: Customer Experience Transformation

Project Objectives:
Engaging high-end customers through signature, memorable customer experience
Duration of Project: 6 weeks
KPIs of Project:
  • Revenue
  • Brand awareness
Our Deliverable:
  • Developed an analytical report that identified the critical pinpoints of high-end customers
  • Arranged a weekend Hackathon event
  • Built a series of mock-ups with service demonstrations for four proposed services for evaluating the degree of customers’ emotional connections
  • Designed a set of service operating procedures (SOP) with a critical key performance index (KPI) of the finalized signature services
Client’s Tangible Results:
  • The new services became the top three hot services for high-end customers and had the top three highest posting rates on social media platforms
  • The new services gained a series of press releases and interviews from different media outlets in Hong Kong and China