Project Objective: To increase market share through delivery innovative and effective customer experience
Background of Client: A large-scale hospitality company based in Hong Kong
Staff Involved: Middle to senior management
Service Scope: Discover, Diagnose, Design, Determine, Develop and Deploy stages of Customer-Centered Innovation Method



Our client has two business lines. The first provides low-cost travel services and the second provides high-value travel services. To differentiate the two business lines and gain more market share in the high-end market, the management of the second business line decided to develop innovative and excellent service practices for the company’s customers and establish a culture of continual improvement for its staff. In fact, the company had been accredited with many world-class quality standards. Thus, the majority of staff members believed that significant innovation (or even improvement) would be very difficult and limited.


In the first stage, we identified strategic and operational differences between the two business lines from the company’s end-customer and staff perspectives. We found that many end-customers and some staff were confused about the positioning and service offerings of the two brands.
Based on our research information, we conducted a 2-day and 1-night service excellence camp for the company’s middle to senior management from front-line and back-end departments. During the camp, we provided a proven and practical framework and over 50 of the most popular case studies from the most recognized travel companies across the world to help the participants inspire more innovative and effective initiatives in their business units.
In the middle stage, the whole class was divided into groups. Each group was combined with staff from different departments. Each group had to develop one business solution with a detailed proposal for innovating the company’s existing practices and outlining how the proposed solutions would create tangible business results. In this stage, we worked directly with group members to further simulate and fine-tune the execution of their ideas.
In the final stage, we arranged formal presentations of the proposed business solutions for top management. During the presentations, top management raised many very challenging but practical questions. Some of the ideas were further improved during the Q&A session.
After further internal evaluation, top management accepted some of the ideas, one of which was implemented within 4 weeks after the presentation.

<<< Client Results >>>

An innovative, impactful and iconic service generated a lot of good feedback from customers and secured a series of releases and interviews from different media outlets in Hong Kong and China.

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