Project Objective: To develop sales and marketing teams capable of leading in a changing world.
Background of Client: A Fortune 500 company
Staff Involved: Junior to senior sales and marketing management personnel from North Asia
Service Scope: Diagnose, Design, Determine and Develop stages of Customer-Centered Innovation Method



The company was facing tough competition in Asian markets and wished to find innovative ways to develop young leaders capable of driving the market under competitive conditions. The development of different perspectives was needed among talented potential young leaders.


A business simulation game was designed and conducted among 70 staff members from North Asia with the following objectives:
  • Plan internal and external personal and corporate development strategies
  • Develop a team with the capability to succeed in competitive environments
  • Develop the team’s innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills
  • Accelerate the company’s internal operations
  • Strengthen internal and external partnerships
  • Develop diversified roles within the cohesive team
The team went through five quarters of simulated operations in the fruit industry, as follows:
Quarter 0: Organize the firm and setup initial strategy
Quarter 1: Explore the market
Quarter 2: Skill adjustment and HR development
Quarter 3: Expand business in the turbulent market
Quarter 4: Redefine to WIN!
During the game, competing teams had to organize themselves to meet a variety of customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction, profits and corporate growth were important objectives. The teams evolved from chaos, to organization, to efficiency, to excellence. The sales results were recorded and strategies had to be dynamically revised and executed every quarter. The strengths, weaknesses and blind spots of all of the staff members were exposed and observed by the regional MD. Outstanding individuals and teams stood out in the midst of market turbulence.

<<< Client Results >>>

The project proved to be an innovative and highly interactive way to expose the entire marketing team to market turbulence by identifying both good and worst practices, and good and poor skills.
This led the company’s top management to consolidate all of the identified good strategies and practices to plan new marketing strategies for the following year.

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