Many thanks for your great support to our 28 public events of Design Thinking & Business Innovation in the last 12 months. There were over 500 business executives participated our management (or executive) training workshops and 1,000 business professionals participated our co-organized events which were co-organized with different professional institutes, business chambers, industrial associations and universities.
In additional, our consultant force conducted over 200 in-house classes of Design Thinking and business innovation and managed over 20 consulting projects of product, service and business model innovations in the last 5 years.
Moreover, we conducted 2 business researches about business innovation applications of Hong Kong enterprises  with the well-known university and industrial associations of Hong Kong in the last 12 months.
Furthermore, we published 2 first-ever business papers about Design Thinking applications for Hong Kong enterprises and Aviation industry of the world on one of the world-wide recognized business and academic online library-Wiley Online Library.

Below are the past 9 public management training workshops and 19 seminars (or sharing sessions) of InnoEdge Design Thinking & Business Innovation

2 February of 2019: A 1-Day management training workshop of Breakthrough Business through 70 Sets of Design Thinking Tools (For details, please click…..)
23 January of 2019: A 2-Hour business seminar of Start 噏 for Macau Young Entrepreneur Incubation Center (For details, please click….)
19 January of 2019: A 1-Day executive education workshop of “CEO總裁工作坊:設計思維,拓展藍海” for the corporate members of Executives’ Global Network (For details, please click…..)
29 December of 2018: A 1-Day management simulation training workshop of『突破行業限制 ,創造無限藍海 』(For details, please click…..)
15 December of 2018: A 2-Hour management seminar of Design Thinking for Developing High Employee Engagement (For details, please click…..)
26 November of 2018: A featured session of Design Thinking for Creating Sustainable Innovative Advantage for the corporate members of International Quality Service Management Promotion Association (For details, please click…..)
1 November of 2018: A 1-Day management simulation training workshop of Creating Unlimited Blue Ocean through Design Thinking (For details, please click…..)
31 October of 2018: A 2-Hour breakfast seminar of The road to disruptive Innovations for the corporate members of France Macau Chamber of Commerce (For details, please click…..)
28 September of 2018: A 1-Day management simulation training workshop of Design Thinking for Business Planning 2019 (For details, please click…..)
7 September of 2018: A 2-Hour management seminar of Building Sustainable and Innovative Enterprises through Innovation Management System (For details, please click…..)
21 August of 2018: A featured session of Developing the Blue Oceans of China and ASEAN ten countries through Design Thinking strategies of the event “如何運用「大數據+百萬資助」拓展內地及東盟市場” (For details, please click…..)
14 August of 2018: A 2-Hour sharing session of 透過 Design Thinking 提升民生質素及促進社會和諧 for the community and social leaders of Kowloon City District community (For details, please click…..)
31 July of 2018: A 2-Hour business seminar of 創意解難,創業無極限 (For details, please click…..)
30 July of 2018: A 3-Hour management seminar of Developing Innovative Experience to Create Blue Oceans  through Design Thinking (For details, please click…..)
19 July of 2018: A 3.5-Hour management seminar of 創新與執行管理研討會 (香港社會服務聯會學院) (For details, please click…..)
17 July of 2018: Three 2-Hour executive exchange seminar of 傳承中的創新 座談會 (For details, please click…..)
10 July of 2018: A 2-Hour executive luncheon of Developing Disruptive Solutions for Tough Business Challenges Through Design Thinking Strategies (For details, please click…..)
5 July of 2018: A exchange session of Building Smart City through Business Innovation at Retail Innovation Summit 2018 (Organized by the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association) (For details, please click…..)
21 June of 2018: Two 3.5-Hour management training workshops of Creating breakthrough business results through Innovative Products & Services (For details, please click…..)
14 June of 2018: A 2-Hour executive luncheon of Creating Innovative Advantage through Business Transformation (For details, please click…..)
25 May of 2018: A 1-Hour executive luncheon of Creating Extraordinary Customer Experience through Business Innovation (For details, please click…..)
27 April of 2018: Two 3.5-hour management training workshops of Breakthrough Your Business Through Design Thinking (For details, please click…..) 
24 April of 2018: A 1-Hour business seminar of Creating WOW Customer Experience to Sustain Business Growth (For details, please click…..)
17 April of 2018: A 1-Hour sharing session of Creating Sustaining Business Growth for Small & Medium Enterprises (For details, please click…..)