For helping more top executives and senior management to apply Localized Design Thinking method in their strategic plannings and management works. We launched the campaign of “The month of the business applications of Design Thinking” in June of 2018.
We organized a executive luncheon, 制定顛覆性創新策略,為轉型創造獨特優勢, on 14 June and two management workshops, 打造創新產品與服務,創造突破性業務成果, on 21 June. Many thanks again for over 50 executives and managers’ to active participate above three events.

Below are the snapshots of the executive luncheon “制定顛覆性創新策略,為轉型創造獨特優“. For the details of the executive luncheon:

Below are the snapshots of two management workshops “打造創新產品與服務,創造突破性業務成果”. For the details of the management workshops:

In addition, we launched an all-rounded Design Thinking Case Portal ( on 11 May and we shares 6 world-wide case studies and 8 localized cases studies of successful innovative enterprises. For the details of InnoEdge Design Thinking Case Portal:

Let’s create more innovative enterprises for Hong Kong.