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About the Survey

With China’s e-commerce growing explosively in recent years, Hong Kong’s enterprises have to catch the wave and jump on the express train quickly. While e-commerce transformation is inevitable for brand owners, wholesalers and retailers, it’s not just a technical matter.
What’s more critical is whether senior executives develop disruptive strategies for dealing with disruptions and develop robust omni-channels designed to transform their enterprises and employees, inside and out. Only under these circumstances can the right people, process and platform be deployed to provide the enterprise with the critical agility to evolve in the fast-changing digital world.
Kingdee, InnoEdge, Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association and Hong Kong Internet & eCommerce Association conduct conduct this research to help you understand executives’ views on the positioning, challenges, opportunities and implementation for adopting e-commerce business models in Hong Kong in 2018.

14 focuses of the Survey

  1. Compared with the major business cities of China, how would respondents  describe the status of Hong Kong’s overall approach to e-commerce?
  2. Compared with the overall approach to e-commerce of Hong Kong’s commerce sectors, how would respondents describe the status of their sectors?
  3. How do respondents view their company’s prospects in 2018?
  4. What are respondents’ three major business strategies for growth in 2018?
  5. What are respondents’ three major customer strategies for 2018?
  6. What three digital innovations will respondents use to support their customer strategies in 2018?
  7. What are respondents’ three major channels for omnichannel strategy in HK-China market?
  8. What percentage of respondents’ total revenue came from e-commerce in 2017?
  9. What percentage of respondents’ total revenue do you expect to come from e-commerce in 2018?
  10. How would respondents describe the status of e-commerce implementation in their enterprise?
  11. What percentage of the total revenue will be dropped if no any further e-commerce implementation in 2018?
  12. What are respondents’ three major challenges to expanding omnichannel business?
  13. What three factors has been key to the success of respondents’ corporate strategies for e-commerce transformation?
  14. What one aspect of respondents’ corporate culture has been key to the success of their e-commerce transformation?



Kingdee 與 InnoEdge 現共同籌辦本研究,期望能夠幫助你更明白,作為香港企業的行政人員在實施電子商貿時,更能夠掌握其定位、挑戰、商機及實施。

本調查的 14 條焦點:

  1. 以中國的主要城市之電子商貿應用情況作比較,受訪者認為香港現時的整體應用情況
  2. 以香港整體的電子商貿應用情況作比較,受訪者認為他們的行業的整體應用情況
  3. 在 2018 年,受訪者對公司經營狀況的預測
  4. 為保持2018年的業務增長,受訪者將會實施的三個主要業務策略
  5. 在2018年,受訪者將會實施的三個主要客戶策略
  6. 為配合支持2018年度的客戶策略,受訪者將會實施的三個主要數碼創新
  7. 如果在中港實施全渠道策略時,受訪者將會選擇的三個主要渠道
  8. 在 2017 年,電子商貿約佔受訪者公司營業額的百份比
  9. 在 2018 年,電子商貿將會約佔受訪者公司營業額的百份比
  10. 以受訪者公司的情況而言,電子商貿的實施情況
  11. 如果在2018年內,不再實施任何的新的電子商貿項目,整體的營業額將會下降的百份比
  12. 如果在中港實施全渠道策略時,受訪者估計將會面對的三個主要挑戰
  13. 在進行電子商貿變革的過程中,受訪者認為三個最重的成功因素
  14. 在進行電子商貿變革的過程中,受訪者認為最有助變革的企業文化