Our Experts

Our experts play a critical role in research and development, important project leading and planning, and quality assurance of innovation best practice implementation. They are experienced practitioners, well-recognized experts, or business record creators.

Mr. David Chung

Mr. David Chung is a Senior Partner of InnoEdge.
He is a practitioner, author, and consultant in the business innovation and customer experience management fields.
He has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and training across different sectors, including the retail, beauty and cosmetics, hospitality, and financial services sectors.
He was the Head of SGS Academy Hong Kong, Head of Enterprise Learning and Consulting at Dun & Bradstreet Hong Kong, Head of Marketing at two of Hong Kong’s leading beauty and cosmetics companies, and Founder of Golix Consulting.
He is the co-author of Demand Chain Management and inventor of Hong Kong’s first patented customer life value and potential forecasting method. He serves as President of the Hong Kong Institute of Business Innovation, Chairman of the Innovation Committee at the Startup and SME Association, and Chairman of the Innovation and Training Committee at the Cosmetic and Perfumery Association of Hong Kong.
He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a postgraduate diploma in Adult Education and Training from the Hong Kong University.

Mr. Gabriel Chung

Mr. Gabriel Chung is a Senior Partner of InnoEdge.
He is a practitioner, author, and consultant in the business innovation and organization development fields.
He was led the 2016 ISPI Award-winning Execution Excellence project for G2000 Apparel Limited. Corporate projects led by Mr. Chung have received seven public awards, including
1) ISPI Awards of Excellence;
2) the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award;
3) the HKAI Customer Service Award;
4) the HKMA DSA Company Best Presentation Award;
5) the HKRMA Service and Courtesy Award;
6) the Family Council Innovation Award; and
7) the HKIHRM Excellent Learning and Development Award.
In addition to serving as Director of HKIPI Association, he is one of the authors of the Performance Improvement Journal, published by John Wiley & Sons.
He holds a diploma of Executive Education in Strategic Management from Cornell University. He is also a PMI Certified Project Management Professional, an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, an IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional, and an ASTD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance in Human Performance Improvement.

Mr. Inno Man

Mr. Inno Man is a Senior Partner of InnoEdge.
He is a business record creator and consultant in the business innovation field.
He has more than 20 years of experience in strategic sales management, corporate management, and digital sales strategies.
He was the Internal Management Consultant of Bonjour Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 00653.HK), the CEO of GET Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8100.HK), the CEO of PuraPharm Marketing Services Limited, and the CEO of Impart Group, enterprises for which he made achieved historical breakthrough results.
He was also Executive Producer of CNET, and served as Chairman of the Hong Kong Online Interactive Association. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Atlanta.

Prof. Langdon Morris

Prof. Langdon Morris is a strategic partner of InnoEdge. He provides his world-recognized expertise in innovation systems design and management to our East Asia clients, bringing a wealth of expertise to help them meet key strategic challenges.
Since 2001, Langdon Morris has led the innovation consulting practice of InnovationLabs LLC based in the USA, where he is a senior partner and co-founder.  His work focuses on developing and applying advanced methods in innovation and strategy to solve complex problems with very high levels of creativity.
He is recognized as one the world’s leading thinkers and consultants on innovation and strategy, and his original and ground-breaking work has been adopted by corporations and universities on every continent to help them improve their innovation processes and the results they achieve.
His breakthrough white paper, Business Model Warfare is a landmark in the field, and is used as a standard reference at universities and corporations worldwide.  His book Fourth Generation R&D, coauthored with William L. Miller, is considered a classic in the field of R&D management, and his more recent works Agile Innovation, The Agile Innovation Master Plan and Permanent Innovation are recognized as three of the leading innovation books of the last 5 years.  His most recent book is Foresight and Extreme Creativity:  strategy for the 21st Century, a comprehensive review of the major forces that are driving social and economic change.
He is Innovation Coordinator at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, adjunct faculty at the University of Wisconsin Center for Corporate Creativity, and formerly Senior Practice Scholar at the Ackoff Center of the University of Pennsylvania.