The senior partner of InnoEdge Consulting, Mr. Gabriel Chung, is invited by Kedge Business School and Wiley to publish an international business paper. The title of the paper is A shift in culture sparks innovation at the Miramar Hospitality Group’s flagship Mira Hong Kong Hotel and was published on 1 May 2018.
Title of the paper: A shift in culture sparks innovation at the Miramar Hospitality Group’s flagship Mira Hong Kong Hotel
Overview of the paper:
Seeking to transform the Mira Hong Kong Hotel, one of its premier properties, into a world-class establishment, the leaders of the Miramar Hospitality Group applied a seven-tier model to integrate innovation and performance improvement efforts at the hotel, as well as throughout its other business units. Supported by an effective feedback loop that facilitates communication and the transmittal and measurement of vital customer-related data, their comprehensive approach has reshaped the corporate environment to encourage teamwork and inspire innovation at all levels. As a result, the hotel has earned international recognition as a leader in customer service,and the profitability of the Group’s diversified service-oriented business portfolio in Hong Kong and mainland China has increased 77% since 2011.

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About GBOE and Kedge:
GBOE: Global Business and Organizational Excellence is a bi-monthly journal that publishes applied research and detailed case studies on operational issues in global organizations with a focus on managerial implications in a global business environment.
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我們作為香港地區的 Localized Design Thinking 推動及實踐者,為幫助企業領導人管理人員能夠協同地進行創新,我們在六月份特別推出兩個極具協同效應的活動:
活動一: 行政人員午餐會 (6月14日)
主題: 制定顛覆性創新策略,為轉型創造獨特優勢  [了解更詳細內容]
活動二: 管理人員培訓工作坊 (6月21日)
主題: 打造創新產品與服務,創造突破性業務成果 [了解更詳細內容]


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