By: David Chung

曾幾何時,可樂公司憑一隻主打產品『Classical Style Cola-Coca』而風靡全球,但這已成為歷史。今天,可樂公司的商業模式已變革成「人人可以做一杯 FreeStyle 的 Cola-Coca」飲品服務商。所以,它的汽水售賣機,已由提供罐裝汽水,變革成可以即時提供『超過一百種』完全符合個人口味的飲品。
As your innovation partner, our goal is “Driving Transformations, Delivering Results.”
For strengthening your customer experience transformation, we not only help you to design a human-touch hybrid customer journey, build manufacturable prototypes and create mock-ups for experience simulations, but we also work with your team to create an innovative, impactful and iconic customer experience to generate tangible business results.
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