The Innovative Leaders Network

The Innovative Leaders Network (ILN) maintains and enhances a highly engaged and vibrant community of innovative executives and business leaders in China and Hong Kong. The network is directly managed by the top management team of InnoEdge.
We bring together innovative leaders who want to discuss their business vision, current reality, and previous innovation management experiences with other industrial leaders in a friendly, informal setting with a view to sharing knowledge and best practices.
By personal invitation only, the ILN is an exclusive network of innovative leaders from the  fastest growing and most groundbreaking local and international companies. The aim of the network is to create round-table discussions among the most influential innovation professionals so they can share their past experiences. Members select the discussion topics based on the challenges they currently face as innovative leaders.
The ILN has members across China and HK, and all events are held in a private setting. The exchange sessions take place in a warm and informal atmosphere with no more than 30 participants. These sessions are far more productive than more traditional conferences, seminars, and training workshops, as members themselves determine 80% of the content. Every discussion is moderated by a seasoned expert who runs sessions across the region to share advanced knowledge and best practices.
Our mission is to facilitate productive exchange by sharing intelligence and expertise. The two-hour evening event held every quarter is a perfect opportunity for visionary leaders to easily expand their professional networks and enrich their innovative thinking.
Past events:
Q4 of 2017: 『策動變革,創造結果』企業創新規劃 交流會
Q3 of 2017: 『顛覆式體驗創新如何改變整個消費模式』交流會
Q2 of 2017: 『跨地域的統一創新文化管理』交流會
Q1 of 2017: 『破壞式商業模式創新的利與弊』交流會