Industry: Financial Planning
Background of Client: A Fortune 500 financial company in Hong Kong
Business unit involved: All departments of Hong Kong Headquarters
Business Challenges
Our client’s headquarters launched a global business strategy with a “Customer Centricity” focus. The strategy was to be implemented in every local headquarters. To align the new global strategy, all business units of Hong Kong, which included all customer-facing and back-end units, were to develop at least one innovative initiative to enhance effective customer experiences.
Methods Involved: Design Thinking, CEN/TS 16555 and 5i Customer Management Method
Type of Transformation: Customer Experience Transformation

Project Objectives
Delivering all-rounded customer-centric experience for sustaining business growth
Duration of Project: 6 months
KPIs of Project
  • Number of innovative initiatives generated
  • Number of business cases input into the short-term execution list
Our Deliverable
  • Developed an analytical report that identified the 10 major pain points of major customer segments. The data sources for the report were focus group interviews, a staff opinion survey, and customer research
  • Arranged over 40 Hackathon events based internal competitions for creating innovative customer-centric solutions
  • Developed a comprehensive report for idea consolidation and return on investment (ROI) forecasting for each category of innovative initiatives
Client’s Tangible Results
  • Over 600 written innovative ideas were generated, and over 130 unique initiatives were identified
  • 30 business cases were selected for implementation