Summary of our successful case of a public transportation company:

Public Transport 
Background of client:

One of the major public transportation companies in the Greater Bay Area of China wants to be as a provider of safe, effective, caring services.

Business Challenges:

Passenger volume has dropped dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people having to work from home. To enhance business, the company decided to create a differentiated passenger experience.

Challenge Statement of the Transformation Project:

How to create a caring experience for passengers with special needs through digital services

Types of Transformations: 

Digital and Service transformations

Duration of Project:

12 months

4-Phase for Digital and Service Transformations

Phase 1: Discover

After conducting desk research on passengers with special needs, management decided to focus on pregnant women and environmentalists. The team conducted on-site observations and empathy interviews with direct stakeholders, such as passengers, and indirect stakeholders, such as front-line customer services staff and drivers. The quantitative InnoEdge Human Emotion Measurement System was used to analyze the emotions and feelings behind passenger needs.

Phase 2: Define

Over 100 sets of findings were analyzed. 24 pain points for pregnant passengers, and 15 for environmentalists, were identified across seven customer journey stages: Navigating the Station, Non-paid Area, Ticketing, Paid Area, Waiting for Train, In-train, and Exiting Station. Two Personas were also developed for these segments.

Phase 3 & 4: Develop & Deliver Solutions

The team invited staff from different departments to conduct brainstorming sessions and develop workable solutions (Partial solutions are shown as below):

Pregnant women: Wider gates with notification on the mobile App and Iconic badge with RFID tab

Environmentalists: Provide information through mobile Apps or electronic notice boards and Operate-on-demand through IoT technologies.

Key Performance Indicator(s) of the Project:
  • Passenger experience score 
  • The passenger growth rate of selected passenger segments 
  • Market share of selected passenger segments 
Breakthrough Business Results

The predicted emotional impact on the passenger experience after the implementation of selected solutions for the passengers of pregnant women (Segment A) and Environmentalists (Segment B) is 64% and 52%, respectively.

Segment ASegment B

Our Contribution to the education sector

As one of the market leaders of Business Design Thinking in Hong Kong, it is our pleasure to contribute our case study on Banking Industry (Project title: Creating a caring experience for passengers with special needs) to VTC IVE Business Design Thinking Casebook 2022.

Our Proven Track Record in other business Sectors

To maximize the ROI of transformations, we have helped enterprises to innovate their business models, products, and services to generate breakthrough results, including revenue, profit, market share, customer acquisition & retention, and employee engagement. To enhance the success rate of transformations, we have developed the best practices of Design Thinking and innovation management for 8 aspects: aviation, banking, hotel, insurance, retail, public transport, manufacturing, and community development.