What We Do

To help companies implement customer-centric innovation step by step, we divide the whole process into six core stages, including Discover, Diagnose, Design, Determine, Develop, Deploy, that comprise what we call the 6D model.
The benefits of the 6D model:
  • Transforms innovative ideas into high-value solutions
  • Predicts the effectiveness of tactics and return on investment for innovation implementation
  • Transfers employees’ ideas to the market more effectively
  • Solidifies innovation initiatives to visible, implementable and scalable objects (e.g., prototypes, mockups, demonstrations)
  • Builds an innovative culture and triggers creative thinking in employees
  • Manages projects effectively and improves the success rates of innovation projects
Based on the 6D model, our process from “customer emotion assessment” to “completion of model/demonstration” takes only six to eight weeks. It can help corporations respond quickly to their competitors, win back lost customers and recover their backward sales targets.
Under the framework of 6D model, the innovation cycle is divided into three major phases and six execution stages.

Stage 1: Discover

The objective of the Discover stage is to analyze the three dimensions of customer experience for your targeted market, consolidate the data into persona profiles of your key targeted segments, and determine the ideal portfolio of innovation according to your business cycle.

Stage 2: Diagnose

The objective of the Diagnose stage is to identify the moments of truth and pain points for your targeted segments and the rationale behind the emotion change in every customer interaction.

Stage 3: Design

The objective of the Design stage is to develop as many advancements of your business model, business strategy, product and service offerings, customer channels, customer journeys, and touchpoints as possible. We provide over 40 tools at three levels of innovation: Sustaining Innovation, Breakthrough Innovation, and Disruptive Innovation.

Stage 4: Determine

The objective of the Determine stage is to evaluate the return on investment of your developed ideas and prioritize them according to your innovation portfolio.

Stage 5: Develop

The objective of the Develop stage is to produce a motivated action plan for operational staff, allocate sufficient resources, and empower change agents to execute your plan.

Stage 6: Deploy

The objective of the Deploy stage is to motivate people to adopt the new execution arrangements, monitor the progress of the execution process, and maintain continual innovation.