Developing Change-Agent Teams

A Change-Agent or (Game Changing) team is a team of entrepreneurial employees appointed to improve organizational competitiveness by executing top management transformation strategies.

Change-Agents can be managers, professional staff, or external consultants hired to facilitate organizational transformation.

Researchers have identified four characteristics of effective Change-Agents – Flexibility, Openness to experience, Focus on results linked to strategy, and Effective communication and listening skills. The core skillsets of the Design Thinking method are Creativity, Diversity Thinking (for exploring the possibility), and Co-Creation & Empathy, which meet the characteristics of effective Change-Agents.

Over the past seven years, we developed over 10,000 Change -Agents or Game-Changers through over 500 training classes and consulting projects on Design Thinking. We help enterprises and organizations to:

  • Discover the competency gaps for their change agents, game changers, and innovation talents
  • Define the critical competencies for organizational transformation or change management
  • Develop customized skills assessment, training, and coaching solutions
  • Deliver the multi- languages, locations, and formats of competency development programs

We provide Ten DesignThinkers Academy Design Thinking Certificate Courses in Hong Kong and Mainland China. (Remark: The official URL of this page is

(1) Core Design Thinking Skills (1 Course)

(2) Industrial Design Thinking Skills (6 Courses)

(3) Advanced Design Thinking Skills (3 Courses)