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Design Thinking Training Series for Banking & Finance Sectors

Design thinking is crucial in the banking and finance sectors due to its customer-centric approach that enhances service innovation. This methodology fosters empathy with users, leading to services that accurately meet customer needs and improve satisfaction. 

In the financial sector, adopting design thinking is not merely about staying competitive. It is about redefining the business models that align closely with the needs and expectations of modern consumers, leveraging technology for greater efficiency and engaging in more meaningful interactions with customers. This approach not only leads to innovative products and services but also builds a foundation for sustained growth and customer loyalty in the digital era.

In fact, we successfully led a bank in retaining their high-value customers through a Design Thinking-based customer experience enhancement project, resulting in over $3 billion in additional income from deposits, investments, and insurance services. Additionally, we guided an insurance company in enhancing its social selling model, achieving a 127% increase in the closing rate from new clients. These successful projects were published in the Hong Kong Design Thinking Business Casebook 2019 and 2020.

Signature Program

We have launched a dual-certificate training course with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) to help banking and finance practitioners enhance their 8 competencies.

Core Skills: Empathy, Collaborative Problem Solving and Innovative Thinking

Sector-based Skills: Digital Service Development, Wealth Management Solutions, Client Experience Optimization, Fintech Collaboration and Integration and Advanced Analytics for Personalized Services

By fostering these skills through Design Thinking, banking institutions can not only enhance their service offerings but also build a more agile and innovative workforce capable of navigating the complexities of the financial sector. This approach ensures that employees are not just executors of tasks but active contributors to the institution’s growth and adaptation in a rapidly changing industry.

10 Popular Customized In-house Courses for Banking & Finance Sectors

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  1. Empathy-Driven Innovation: Design Thinking for Financial Services (B-011)
  2. Banking Reimagined: Creative Problem Solving with Design Thinking (B-012)
  3. Banking Reboot: Design Thinking for a Digital Era (B-013)
  4. Next-Gen Banking: Design Thinking for Future-Ready Financial Solutions (B-014)
  5. Innovative Insurers: Applying Design Thinking to Challenge the Norm (B-015)
  6. Fintech Evolution: Design Thinking for Financial Technology (B-016)
  7. Next-Level Banking: Innovating Customer Experience with Design Thinking (B-017)
  8. Insurance Reimagined: Driving Change with Design Thinking (B-018)
  9. Digital Disruption: Design Thinking for Digital Transformation in Banking (B-019)
  10. Regulatory Creativity: Banking Process Improvement Through Design Thinking (B-020)

Our training programs boast exceptional adaptability. Offerings range from concise 2-hour introductory talks and 4-hour training courses to comprehensive 8-hour to 15-hour action-learning workshops and 30-hour project-based workshops (or Design Sprint Mini-Innovation Projects).

Furthermore, all the techniques and tools utilized in our training programs can integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technologies to enhance innovation efficiency by up to 40%. This includes AI-driven User Demand Identification and Prioritization, Quantitative User Emotion Analysis, and AI-driven Innovative Idea Generation and Feasibility Analysis.

In addition to our training services, we also offer internationally recognized Design Thinking skill Assessment Services. These assessments are designed to help your staff identify and bridge gaps in their innovation competencies, further enhancing their effectiveness and your organization’s competitive edge.

Track Record

Since 2017, we have successfully delivered more than 550 Design Thinking training classes across various sectors, including business, social service, public service, and education throughout Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asia.

As the exclusive representative of the globally renowned DesignThinkers Academy in China, we offer programs that not only provide internationally recognized Design Thinking certifications but are also facilitated by globally accredited specialists in Design Thinking. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each program meets the highest standards, tailored to empower professionals at all levels with cutting-edge skills and innovative methodologies.

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