Introduction for the Speaker of DesignThinkers Global Boot Camp 2024

Name: Daryl Lim

Title: Co-Founder and Dean, DesignThinkers Academy Asia

Focus: Synergistic Strategies: Co-Creative Leadership for Empowering Business Transformation

The design thinking method is critically important for equipping business leaders with the necessary skills for Strategic Innovation for Game-Changing Leadership because it provides a human-centered framework that challenges conventional problem-solving practices. It encourages leaders to adopt a hands-on approach to understanding customers’ challenges and experiences deeply, enabling the creation of more intuitive and innovative solutions.

By fostering a culture of empathy, experimentation, and rapid iteration, design thinking equips leaders with the ability to not only anticipate market shifts but also influence them, ensuring that their organizations are consistently at the cutting edge. This approach is fundamental for leaders who aim to transform their industries and drive significant, impactful change through strategic innovation.

Moreover, the application of design thinking is critical for fostering a synergistic environment where the collective input of diverse stakeholders is leveraged to drive transformation. Leaders adept in design thinking are able to create a shared language and vision, essential for aligning various departments and perspectives around a unified goal. This co-creative leadership style amplifies the impact of innovation initiatives by integrating customer insights with the expertise of cross-disciplinary teams, thereby enhancing the capacity for breakthrough ideas and solutions. In this way, design thinking acts as a catalyst for building a cohesive, innovative culture that is capable of executing complex transformations while maintaining a focus on delivering value to the customer.

Delving deeper, leaders can design thinking to systematically deconstruct and rebuild business models in ways that can withstand the pressures of a rapidly evolving marketplace. This strategic approach involves reevaluating value propositions, redefining customer segments, and revolutionizing delivery channels, all while maintaining an iterative, customer-focused development cycle. Leaders who employ design thinking are better positioned to identify and seize upon emergent opportunities, embedding agility and resilience into the fabric of their business models. By doing so, they not only lead the change but also embed a capacity for ongoing innovation within their organizations, reinforcing their leadership in an era defined by continuous disruption and change.

Case Studies:

(1) Airbnb: How Joe Gebbia created an innovative sharing economy model for the hospitality industry

(2) Embrace Innovations: How Jane Chan saved millions of preterm babies in third-world countries

Introduction of DesignThinkers Global Camp 2024

This first Design Thinking Leadership BootCamp (in Asia) is co-organized by DesignThinkers Academy and the College of Professional and Continuing Education at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Consequently, eligible graduates will receive certificates issued jointly by both co-organizing institutions.

The 4-day leadership BootCamp will focus on creating sustainable growth and business impact for your organization. Under the guidance of our experienced speakers, you will master strategic design thinking that can be applied to designing innovative business modelsformulating strategic action plansestablishing a culture of change, and navigating uncertain risks.

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