Introduction for the Speaker of DesignThinkers Global Boot Camp 2024

Name: David Chung

Title: Co-Founder and Dean DesignThinkers Academy China

Focus: Leading the Change: Revolutionary Business Models for Innovative Leadership

Design thinking is paramount for business leaders aiming to master the capabilities of Revolutionary Business Models because it instills a mindset geared toward innovation and customer-centric solutions. This iterative method encourages leaders to empathize deeply with user needs, fostering a culture of collaboration and co-creation that is essential for crafting groundbreaking business models.

By embracing design thinking, leaders are equipped with the tools to question existing assumptions, explore diverse ideas, and rapidly prototype and refine solutions, ensuring that their strategic decisions are both agile and informed by real-world feedback. Ultimately, it empowers leaders to not just adapt to change but to actively drive it, positioning their organizations at the forefront of industry innovation and competitive differentiation.

Indeed, the adoption of design thinking propels leaders into a dynamic cycle of learning and adaptation, which is critical for the development of revolutionary business models. This methodology pushes leaders to go beyond traditional linear thinking and engage in a more fluid, experimental process that is better suited to the complexities of modern markets.

The iterative cycles of design thinking—comprising ideation, prototyping, testing, and refining—enable leaders to continuously hone their strategies and offerings in alignment with evolving customer needs and competitive landscapes. This process not only facilitates the creation of more innovative and user-friendly products and services but also supports organizational agility, allowing companies to pivot more effectively in response to disruptive forces.

Moreover, design thinking equips leaders with a strategic framework to reimagine their business models from the ground up. It encourages them to dissect and analyze each component of their business, from value proposition to customer engagement to revenue streams, through a lens of possibility rather than limitation. By doing so, leaders can identify previously unseen opportunities for value creation and differentiation.

This approach is crucial for fostering a culture that embraces calculated risks and values creative solutions, which is the bedrock upon which innovative leadership is built. In an era where change is the only constant, design thinking provides leaders with the strategic foresight and tools necessary to anticipate and lead market evolution, ensuring their businesses remain relevant and ahead of the curve in a rapidly transforming global economy.

Case Studies:

(1) BBVA: Creating Change through DT-based Digital Transformations

(2) PepsiCo: Reshaped Global Beverage Giant

Introduction of DesignThinkers Global Camp 2024

This first Design Thinking Leadership BootCamp (in Asia) is co-organized by DesignThinkers Academy and the College of Professional and Continuing Education at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Consequently, eligible graduates will receive certificates issued jointly by both co-organizing institutions.

The 4-day leadership BootCamp will focus on creating sustainable growth and business impact for your organization. Under the guidance of our experienced speakers, you will master strategic design thinking that can be applied to designing innovative business modelsformulating strategic action plansestablishing a culture of change, and navigating uncertain risks.

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