Introduction for the Speaker of DesignThinkers Global Boot Camp 2024

Name: Jeroen Weide

Title: Managing Partner and Dean, DesignThinkers Academy Global

Focus: Pioneering Change: Strategic Innovation for Game-Changing Leadership

The design thinking method is critically important for equipping business leaders with the necessary skills for Game-Changing Leadership because it provides a human-centered framework that challenges conventional problem-solving practices. It encourages leaders to adopt a hands-on approach to understanding customers’ challenges and experiences deeply, enabling the creation of more intuitive and innovative solutions.

By fostering a culture of empathy, experimentation, and rapid iteration, design thinking equips leaders with the ability to not only anticipate market shifts but also influence them, ensuring that their organizations are consistently at the cutting edge. This approach is fundamental for leaders who aim to transform their industries and drive significant, impactful change through strategic innovation.

Furthermore, design thinking empowers leaders to disrupt the status quo by infusing the innovation process with empathy and a deep understanding of customer needs. This human-centric approach goes beyond mere data points, tapping into the emotional and unarticulated desires of customers, which can lead to more profound and impactful innovations. Leaders who apply design thinking are equipped to create not just incremental improvements but also radical changes that can redefine markets. They can apply this approach to everything from product development to internal processes, ensuring that every aspect of the organization is aligned with delivering value to the customer.

Moreover, design thinking’s iterative nature encourages leaders to take calculated risks. By prototyping and testing ideas quickly and frequently, they can learn from failures and successes alike and refine their approach in real time. This process of continuous learning and adaptation is vital for staying relevant in an ever-changing business landscape. Strategic innovation through design thinking also involves engaging with a broader ecosystem, including suppliers, partners, and even competitors, to co-create solutions that have a far-reaching impact.

By leading with a collaborative mindset, game-changing leaders can harness collective expertise and drive innovation that transcends organizational boundaries, positioning their companies at the forefront of industry transformation.

Case Studies:

(1) HYATT: Creating new business opportunities amid COVID-19

(2) Airbnb: Digital Transformations for Market Development amid COVID-19

Introduction of DesignThinkers Global Camp 2024

This first Design Thinking Leadership BootCamp (in Asia) is co-organized by DesignThinkers Academy and the College of Professional and Continuing Education at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Consequently, eligible graduates will receive certificates issued jointly by both co-organizing institutions.

The 4-day leadership BootCamp will focus on creating sustainable growth and business impact for your organization. Under the guidance of our experienced speakers, you will master strategic design thinking that can be applied to designing innovative business modelsformulating strategic action plansestablishing a culture of change, and navigating uncertain risks.

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