Introduction for the Speaker of DesignThinkers Global Boot Camp 2024

Name: Dr. Keith Chau

Title: Senior Consultant, College of Professional and Continuing Education at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Focus: Navigating the Future: Strategic Foresight for Business Reinvention

The design thinking method is indispensable for business leaders seeking to develop the capabilities of Foresight for Business Reinvention because it serves as a strategic compass in uncharted business territories. This human-centric approach equips leaders with the foresight to anticipate future trends and customer needs through empathetic engagement and iterative learning. It enables the crafting of forward-looking strategies that are adaptable, innovative, and resilient to change.

Design thinking promotes a proactive mindset, where leaders are encouraged to envision multiple futures, experiment with strategic responses, and pivot as new information and patterns emerge. This not only positions a business to respond to emerging opportunities and threats more effectively but also fosters a culture of continuous evolution and reinvention at the top echelons of management, ensuring that the enterprise not only survives but thrives in the face of future uncertainties.

Introduction of DesignThinkers Global Camp 2024

This first Design Thinking Leadership BootCamp (in Asia) is co-organized by DesignThinkers Academy and the College of Professional and Continuing Education at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Consequently, eligible graduates will receive certificates issued jointly by both co-organizing institutions.

The 4-day leadership BootCamp will focus on creating sustainable growth and business impact for your organization. Under the guidance of our experienced speakers, you will master strategic design thinking that can be applied to designing innovative business modelsformulating strategic action plansestablishing a culture of change, and navigating uncertain risks.

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