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In the first half of 2024, our targeted initiatives have successfully harnessed the power of design thinking to stimulate significant business and educational transformations across China. These strategic activities have not only showcased the practical applications of design thinking but have also created substantial value by enhancing competitiveness and fostering innovation within the nation’s creative economy. Each event and partnership was meticulously designed to translate into tangible benefits, ensuring a robust foundation for ongoing growth and leadership in the global market.

Our strategic initiatives are categorized into Market-Driving Industry DevelopmentExecutive Leadership Empowerment, and Global Strategic Engagement.

Market-Driving Industry Development

In March, we convened the influential Design Thinking China Conference in Guangzhou, bringing together notable experts in design thinking to discuss the latest advancements and applications. This conference led to the successful signing of six Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with premier universities, governmental entities, and associations across China. These partnerships are strategically crafted to collaboratively enhance our market development and extend our impact within the region. [Details of this event]

Simultaneously, we hosted a high-level symposium in Dongguan focusing on the integration of design thinking in quality education. Organized in partnership with leading domestic universities, this event demonstrated our dedication to academic excellence and educational innovation. [Details of this event]

Executive Leadership Empowerment

In June, we proudly launched our first international certificate program in Shanghai, “Design Thinking for Business Transformations.”

This program, specifically designed for a prominent international bank operating in China, is a cornerstone in our mission to equip business leaders with sophisticated strategic planning tools necessary to enact significant organizational transformations through design thinking.

Further, our team led two specialized training workshops in Guangzhou and Shanghai, featuring an innovative competition backed by a major Chinese property developer.

These workshops were carefully tailored to foster creativity and bolster practical skills among the enterprise’s middle to senior management, aligning closely with strategic business objectives and leadership development imperatives.

Global Strategic Engagement

Beyond our regional initiatives, we forged a strategic partnership with the DesignThinkers Academy Headquarters (DTA HQ) to co-host an executive study tour in the Netherlands in May. This elite gathering featured a master class titled “Design Thinking for Business Transformation,” attended by over 20 executives from the EMBA program at Nanjing University.

This collaborative and educational venture was designed to enrich the comprehension and execution of design thinking among premier business leaders, helping these executives to develop their global perspectives.

Looking Ahead

Our journey in the first half of 2024 has set a robust foundation for innovation and leadership in design thinking across China. These strategic initiatives are not just achievements; they are stepping stones towards a future where Chinese enterprises lead globally. We invite you to join us as we continue to innovate and drive transformative change. Together, let’s shape a competitive and vibrant creative economy that leads and inspires the world.