The 1.5-hour webinar of Design Thinking for Insurance Customer Acquisition (運用「設計思維」於網絡吸收保險客戶) was conducted at 7:00 pm on 24 March 2022. The webinar was co-organized by Hong Kong Internet & Ecommerce Association and InnoEdge Consulting. The webinar was conducted in Cantonese and led by Mr. David Chung, Managing Partner of InnoEdge Consulting.

The speakers were Mr. Luke Chu, Chairman of Hong Kong Internet & Ecommerce Association, Mr. K M. Yim, former Chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, Mr. Inno Man, Senior Partner of InnoEdge Consulting, and Mr. Wong, In-Charge of Digital Distribution (Asia) of a well-known insurance company.

Below are four parts of the webinar and the links of video recordings:

Part 1: 研討會與設計思維簡介 (By David Chung) [Video Recording]

Part 2: 10大國際保險集團改善業績的秘密 (Mr. K. M. Yim) [video Recording]

Part 3: 如何把「以人為本」應用於保險業數碼營銷? (Mr. Luke Chu) [Video Recording]

Part 4: 社交媒體營銷,優化成交率達124% (Mr. Inno Man and Mr. Wong) [Video Recording]

Topic: 計思維簡介

Speaker: Mr. David Chung

Duration: 4 minutes

Topic: 保險業應用設計思維的成功案例: MassMutual

Speaker: Mr. K. M. Yim

Duration: 7 minutes

Topic: 保險業應用設計思維的成功案例: Baloise

Speaker: Mr. K. M. Yim

Duration: 3 minutes

Topic: 保險業應用設計思維的成功案例: Prudential

Speaker: Mr. K. M. Yim

Duration: 4 minutes

Topic: 如何把「以人為本」應用於保險業數碼營銷?

Speaker: Mr. Luke Chu

Duration: 12 minutes

Topic: 社交媒體營銷,優化成交率達124%

Speakers: Inno Sir, Wong Sir, and David Chung

Duration: 29 minutes