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Design Thinking Training Series for Entrepreneurship and Strat-Up Management

The design thinking method is particularly crucial for entrepreneurship and startup management due to its user-centered, iterative, and innovative approach to problem-solving and product or service development. The method equips entrepreneurs and startups with the mindset and tools to create user-centered, innovative, and adaptable solutions that are essential for success in the competitive and fast-paced startup ecosystem.

In recent years, we have championed Entrepreneurship and Startup Sprint Practices by organizing over 100 hackathons designed to foster an innovative culture within enterprises and among public entrepreneurs. These events are categorized into six distinct types: Business Hackathons, ESG Hackathons, Healthcare Hackathons, Social Hackathons, Technology Hackathons, and Education Hackathons. Several of our hackathons have been funded by the Hong Kong government and supported by major universities in Hong Kong, including HKU, HKUST, CityU HK, and HK PolyU.

Signature Programs

We have co-developed training courses on Design Thinking for Entrepreneurship with the Department of Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Business Discipline of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (a member of the Vocational Training Council). The programs focus on developing 8 competencies.

Core Skills: Empathy, Collaborative Problem Solving and Innovative Thinking

Sector-based Skills: Product and Service Development, Customer Experience Design, Business Model Innovation, Strategic Decision Making and Risk Assessment and Mitigation

By integrating Design Thinking into entrepreneurship and start-up management, founders and managers not only enhance their own skill sets but also build foundations for innovative, resilient, and customer-focused businesses. These skills are critical in navigating the complex and dynamic landscape of start-up development and management.

10 Popular Customized In-house Courses for Entrepreneurship and Strat-Up

  1. Startup Innovation Lab: Design Thinking for Digital Entrepreneurs
  2. Disruptive Design: Crafting Next-Gen Startups with AI and Data Insights
  3. Designing the Future: Entrepreneurial Strategies in the Age of AI
  4. Lean Design Tactics: Agile Thinking for Startup Success
  5. Digital Pioneer Workshop: Transformative Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs
  6. Data-Driven Design: Leveraging Analytics for Startup Innovation
  7. Customer-Centric Startups: Designing Innovative User Experiences
  8. AI-Enhanced Ideation: Design Thinking for Cutting-Edge Startups
  9. Innovative Ecosystems: Design Thinking for Sustainable Startup Growth
  10. Tech Transformation: Design Thinking in the Era of Digital Disruption

Our training programs boast exceptional adaptability. Offerings range from concise 2-hour introductory talks and 4-hour training courses to comprehensive 8-hour to 15-hour action-learning workshops and 30-hour project-based workshops (or Design Sprint Mini-Innovation Projects).

Furthermore, all the techniques and tools utilized in our training programs can integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technologies to enhance innovation efficiency by up to 40%. This includes AI-driven User Demand Identification and Prioritization, Quantitative User Emotion Analysis, and AI-driven Innovative Idea Generation and Feasibility Analysis.

In addition to our training services, we also offer internationally recognized Design Thinking skill Assessment Services. These assessments are designed to help your staff identify and bridge gaps in their innovation competencies, further enhancing their effectiveness and your organization’s competitive edge.

Track Record

Since 2017, we have successfully delivered more than 550 Design Thinking training classes across various sectors, including business, social service, public service, and education throughout Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Asia.

As the exclusive representative of the globally renowned DesignThinkers Academy in China, we offer programs that not only provide internationally recognized Design Thinking certifications but are also facilitated by globally accredited specialists in Design Thinking. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each program meets the highest standards, tailored to empower professionals at all levels with cutting-edge skills and innovative methodologies.

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