“Design Thinking” Process Management Services

What is Design Thinking?

The customer drives the current and future state of any business. Products and services, whether delivered to internal or external customers, must create intrinsic value and address specific business needs. This cannot be done unless the customer is an integral part of the entire product life cycle, rather than an afterthought. Design thinking (see below figure) focuses the spotlight more on the customer, making the customer the main focal point of design for any solution.
It consistently applies the values embraced by this approach such as empathy, diversity, and ambiguity, and recognizes the importance of multidisciplinary teams. What design thinking does is incorporate them into a coherent and repeatable process.

Why Design Thinking?

Design Thinking process introduces a new way of thinking about challenging problems we face in today’s business world. It steps outside of the traditional boxes with visual thinking, creativity and innovation in order to find new solutions to the same old issues.
The process can be used successfully within any industry—not just tech or design. Below are 4 major reasons why Design Thinking process ignites an power of product and service innovations :
  • Focusing on the all-rounded demands of customers
  • Creating value while solving three-level of root challenges (Business, Management and Design)
  • Empowering continual improvement
  • Leveraging collective expertise
Why InnoEdge Design Thinking ?
The partners of InnoEdge are invited by International Society for Performance Improvement to share a successful cases of HK enterprise through publish an international paper, WOW the Hospitality Customers: Transforming Innovation into performance though Design Thinking and Human Performance Technology, in Feb 2018. (For detail, please click the below picture)
Format and Tangible Deliverable
We offer various formats of Design Thinking service for aligning your business needs:
  • Mindset and skillset training workshops
  • Product and service design advisory services
  • Innovation project planning and implementation services
Your major tangible takeaways from Design Thinking services are as below:
  • Customer demand analysis for different parts of industrial and corporate value-chain
  • Out-of-Box solutions for specific business, management and design challenges
  • Prototypes or mock-ups of selected solutions
  • Reports of solution testing or simulations
  • Preliminary business cases

Client Results