The official opening ceremony of DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) China was held on 23 June 2022.

The opening speech was conducted by DAVID Chung Tai-Wai, the Managing Partner of DTA China. In addition, Tim Schuurman, Co-Founder of DTA Headquarters, shared the global perspective of Design Thinking, and Daryl Lim, the Managing Partner of DTA Asia, shared the corporate development strategies of DTA in Asia. Inno Man, Co-Founder of DTA China, conducted the closing speech of the ceremony.

In addition, the leaders from the major Hubs of the DTA world, Adela Cristea (Eastern Europe), Robert Bloom (South Africa), Wayne Ho (Singapore), Eduardo Rigotto (Brazil), Layth (Middle East and North Africa) and Olukunle Iyanda (Nigeria), Flora ChanBerman Law and K M Yim, shared their blessings to DTA China.

Furthermore, four subject matter experts, Stanley H.Y Kan (President, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Aviation Exchange Association), Jeslie Chui (Adjunct Professor, EMBA Programme, College of Business, City University of HK), Dr. Kelvin Wan, PMI-ATP (for Ms. Christine Yau, President, PMI Hong Kong Chapter) and Dr. Toa CHARM (Chairman of OpenCertHub) shared the co-creative projects with DTA China across different aspects in the world of Chinese.

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About DesignThinkers Academy Hong Kong:
DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) is one of the global leading Design Thinking (DT) training institutes. It represents 25 countries and has developed over 75,000 Design Thinkers for hundreds of top-notch companies. DTA Hong Kong aims to provide a world-class innovation model with localized practices. Innoedge Consulting Limited is the major shareholder of DesignThinkers Hong Kong Limited, we operate the training services of DesignThinkers Academy in the Hong Kong region.