As we work in the comfort of our own homes and food is placed on our dining tables, it is important for us to realise that we should not take these for granted. These are given to us by risking their own lives and their families when they go out to perform their work in the front – meeting patients, selling food, transporting goods, keeping our homes safe, providing us that assurance of a transport from place to place, etc. We put together a short video just to say THANKYOU to our FRONTLINERS!

“We will never know the worth of water til the well is dry” – Thomas Fuller

While this dreaded period of COVID puts us at our discomforts (or high risk), it also offers us an opportunity to rethink what we have not done during the comfortable non-COVID days – especially in our families, friends and fellow colleagues. Have we been HUMAN to each other? Shall we do it now? We all need HOPE in this period of uncertainty and insecurity.

Challenge: How might we be able to make this period of Physical Distancing and opportunity to create new relationships built on “Hope” for ourselves and our next generations?

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