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The first-ever DesignThinkers Academy, “DesignThinkers BootCamp Asia 2023: Creating Business Impact & Growth for Your Organizations,” will be held in Hong Kong from 21 to 24 June 2023. This BootCamp will be conducted in Trilingual mode – Cantonese, Mandarin & English.

The 4-day business innovation planning workshop, with 4 sessions of follow-up coaching, provides a unique opportunity to learn from internationally recognized and highly experienced Design Thinking practitioners. Under the guidance of our seasoned facilitators, familiarize yourself with the divergent/convergent model of the Double Diamond, and solidify your strategic Design Thinking mindset by practicing on a real-life project. Upon completing the 4-day Bootcamp, you can Increase Customer Focus, Create Breakthrough Solutions, Build Co-Creative Teams and Enhance Business Performance.

After four days of intensive and inspirational training workshops, we also provide four 1.5-hour follow-up coaching sessions to implement strategies and create business impact. The coaching sessions will be conducted in a team-based format. The coaching sessions can Reinforcement of Learning, Implementation of Strategies, Overcome real-world obstacles and Maintain Change Momentum.

Supporting organizations

College of Professional and Continuing Education, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

GS1 Hong Kong

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Who Should Attend

  • Senior executives who want to strengthen their ability to lead business model innovation
  • Innovative leaders seeking to develop and enhance their organization’s innovation capability
  • Professionals are responsible for tackling strategic challenges, driving growth, and implementing systems for innovation.

Course Leaders and Experts

The course is co-organized by DesignThinkers Academy Global Headquarters, Asia, China and Hong Kong. The course is led by two Senior Facilitators of DesignTHinkers Academy and four Subject Matter Experts in 4 major areas of the Design Thinking method.

Jeroen van der Weide (Partner DesignThinkers Academy HQ)

David Chung (Managing Partner of DesignThinkers Academy China and HK)

David Kester (Managing Partner DesignThinkers Academy London)

Ralf Beuker (Academic Coach & Professor of Design Management)

Els Dragt (Trend Researcher, Trainer & Lecturer Studio Elsewhere)

Elmo Diederiks (Partner DesignThinkers Academy Amsterdam)

Inquire: +852 2235 9027 | cs@innoedge.com.hk

Class Size: The course has 24 seats only, and once they are filled, no additional seats will be added.

Learning Package: 4-day BootCamp, 4-session of follow-up coaching and 1-site vite of a HK innovative company

Tuition Fee (per seat):

Standard Fee: HK$22,000 (for 1 person registration) | HK$18,700 (2-person registrations) | HK$17,600 (3-person registrations)

Download the course flyer in English, 繁體中文 and 简体中文

The Proven Track Record of the DTA Design Thinking Expert Team

The DesignThinkers Academy is the world’s largest design thinking training institution, with branches in 25 countries and cities worldwide. We have successfully assisted globally renowned enterprises in promoting business innovation transformation, training innovative talent, and building a creative culture, including Coca-Cola, ING, Master Card, LOREAL, Cartier, Red Cross, and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Furthermore, we have successfully applied design thinking to Hong Kong’s five major areas, including banking, insurance, aviation, public services, and community development. Therefore, our case studies during the course and post-class follow-up sessions are real-world business experiences with measurable business results.

2-minute Video Recap of Previous DesignThinkers BootCamp in Amsterdam (DTA Headquarters)