The 1-hr webinar of Women Leadership x Innovative NEW Normal (女性領導力 x 創意新常態)was held on 26 January of 2021. The webinar was led by Ms. Kristie Yeung, Ms. Flora Chan and Ms. Yvonne Chan.

Case Sharing 1: The Youngest CEO in HK: Connecting Kids & Solving the Language Learning Problem (by Ms. Flora Chan)

Case Sharing 2: How a 32yo turned a high school yearbook idea into a USD$3.2 billion business (by Ms. Kristie Yeung)

Case Sharing 3: How PepsiCo CEO reshaped global beverage giant (by Ms. Yvonne Chan)

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Speaker: Ms. Flora Chan

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Speaker: Ms. Kristie Yeung

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Topic: PepsiCo: Reshaped Global Beverage Giant (百事可樂 (PepsiCo):重塑全球飲料巨頭)

Language: 粵語

Speaker: Ms. Yvonne Chan, Principal Consultant, InnoEdge Consulting

Duration: 11 minutes

Speaker: Ms. Yvonne Chan

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