Our Founder and Managing Partner, Mr. David Chung, was honored with an invitation from the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government to lead an online webinar titled “Design Thinking in Business (企業設計思維).” This event took place on May 7, 2024, and was facilitated by Ms. Grace Chan from the Technology Education Section of the Education Bureau.

The webinar saw the participation of approximately 300 educators and students. During the session, Mr. Chung introduced the fundamental principles of the Design Thinking methodology. Additionally, he presented four detailed case studies demonstrating how leading companies in the Aviation, Railway, Restaurant, and Hospitality sectors have successfully applied Design Thinking to drive business innovation.

At the conclusion of the webinar, we engaged in a Q&A session where we addressed five insightful questions posed by the attending teachers and students. This discussion provided valuable insights and further enriched the learning experience. The webinar was conducted in Cantonese.

01Opening and Webinar Agenda
02Overview of the Design Thinking Method
03Case Study(1): Aviation Sector
04Case Study(2): Transportation Sector
05Case Study(3): Food & Beverage Sector
06Case Study(4): Hospitality Sector
07Recap of this Webinar
08Question and Answer Session

Part 1: Opening and Agenda of the Webinar

Speaker: Ms. Grace Chan, Technology Education Section, Education Bureau

Duration: 3 minutes

Part 2: The Overview of the Design Thinking Method

Duration: 16 minutes

Part 3: Case Study(1): Aviation Sector

Duration: 15 minutes

Part 4: Case Study(2): Transportation Sector

Duration: 9 minutes

Part 5: Case Study(3): Food & Beverage Sector

Duration: 6 minutes

Part 6: Case Study(4):Hospitality Sector

Duration: 9 minutes

Part 7: Recap of the Webinar

Duration: 4 minutes

Part 8: Question and Answer Session


Ms. Grace Chan, Technology Education Section, Education Bureau

Mr. David Chung, InnoEdge Consulting and InnoEdge Education

Total Number of Questions Discussed: 5 Questions

Duration: 10 minutes

Question 1: 設計思維與創意的關係?

Question 2: 在創意解難的過程中,開始的時侯是否先要確定間題呢 ? 或是先要確定所需的結果呢?

Question 3: 設計思維、大數據 及 人工智能 的最大協同效應是什麼 ?

Question 4: 如何評估一個用家的痛點(Pain Point)的價值? 是否值得投放資源去解決呢?

Question 5: 縱使能夠鎖定痛點,是否一定可以解決呢 ? 有沒有問題是不能解決的 ?