Creating & Executing Growth Strategies

Growth is always challenging, but even successful companies can face steep challenges in the era of change and uncertainty. Trusted business models run out of steam. Disruptive startups seem to come from nowhere.

Traditional approaches to growth strategy look to the past to predict the future. But unfortunately, they are facing the wrong way.

We believe that when you take the lens of the unmet, hidden, and potential needs of the markets for developing your growth strategy, you can build new paths to growth that have not yet been imagined. We work with leaders at both the strategic and operational levels to align on a shared Goal (who we will become), Direction (where to play), and Execution Blue Prints (how to win) for the future.

We help enterprises and organizations to Create and Execute Growth Strategies through 6 Professional Services:

  • Create Growth Strategies
    • Determine the growth gap, innovation portfolio, and innovation intent through Strategic Analysis Services
    • Discover fast-moving and disruptive market trends in your targeted markets through Market Research Services
    • Define high-potential growth opportunities in adjacent or Blue Ocean markets through Opportunity Analysis Services

  • Execute Growth Strategies
    • Develop different levels of innovative business models, products, and services to accelerate growth through the Services of Co-Creative Idea Generation
    • Deliver the blueprint with major milestones about “From Concept To Commercialization” of your innovative offerings through the Service of Pilot Testing
    • Deploy the new products (or services) to the market and monitor the stakeholders’ feedback for further improvement through the Services of Execution and Continue Improvement

Specifically, we offer the below two major models for leading Business (Digital) Transformation and Product (or Service) Innovation projects:

(1) Business (or Digital) Transformation Projects (Holistic Approach)

(2) Product (or Service) Innovation Projects (Quick-Wins Approach)