The Senior Partner of InnoEdge, Mr. David Chung, was invited by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce to conduct a webinar of Overcoming Crisis Using Design Thinking at 3 pm on 12 May 2020

Below is the video recap of first part of the webinar and the objective is “Business values of Design Thinking for Managers”

Businesses are facing different challenges posed by the recent COVID-19 crisis. The policy on social distancing makes it difficult for businesses to reach, serve or engage their clients and customers as they are used to. Agility, creativity and adaptability are the keys to overcome the crisis now and in the future.

To overcome the current crisis, businesses should try to understand the difficulties that their clients are facing, so as to come up with unique solutions that could bring values to both the businesses themselves and their clients.

Many enterprises, such as 3M, Airbnb, Apple, Citibank, P&G, and Uber Eats capitalize on the Design Thinking approach as a vital tool to help discover the critical root causes, develop creative solutions and overcome the crisis.