Designthinkers Academy (DTA) was invited by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce to co-host a 1-day Design Thinking Fundamentals Certification Course on 3 July in Hong Kong.

The course was co-conducted Mr. David Chung, Mr. Inno Man, Ms. Flora Chan and Ms. Kristie Yeung. DTA invited Mr. Teddy Liu as a voluntary guest speaker to sharing his best practices of Design Thinking for different business sectors.

About DesignThinkers Academy

DesignThinkers Academy is one of the leading ‘design-driven’ Innovation Agencies facilitating organizations around the world, making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service orientated and human-centered.

DTA is a global corporation, represented in 28 countries and train, develop and facilitate creative multidisciplinary teams and communities to drive positive change. Design Thinking enables you to develop and deliver innovative ideas and solutions to complicated problems. It is an activity-based process with a strong emphasis on teamwork and co-creation.

DTA’s mission is to provide space and time for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged, to ‘learn-by-doing’ and strengthen their ability for creative problem solving, and to help organizations build the necessary environment and mind-set.

As one of the owners of DesignThinkers Academy Hong Kong, InnoEdge decides to provide a world-class Design Thinking training programs with localized successful cases and execution practices.