The Founder of InnoEdge, Mr. David Chung, is invited to conduct an executive training workshop of Creating ‘Wow’ Customer Experience Through Design Thinking on 30 May of 2020.

Workshop Highlights

Design Thinking is a powerful tool for breakthrough business strategies during economic downturn. This workshop is specially designed for business executives working in all sectors and industries, service sectors in particular, to revive their sluggish business growth during difficult times. Students will be able to discuss key theories of DesignThinking, experience key Design Thinking tools in various cases, innovte and apply Design Thinking in different scenarios for problem-solving in relation to customer service experience.

Design-thinking approaches would help managers in the service sectors to breakthrough their blind spots during innovation process and improve the business performance. This intensive 7-hour workshop focuses on creating a business strategy that transforms the customer journey,  empirical case-studies in Hong Kong and around the world will be drawn for discussion and analysis. 

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