Individuals are increasingly fearful that they may get the Corona-virus from each other. Furthermore, social-distancing has made people inaccessible to each other. The end result is that walls have been built, not only between suppliers and employees and employees and customers but also between employees.

The end result is that business operations have stopped for many companies and a slow-down of the whole economy. This cannot continue and we need to find new ways to rebuild trust and access to each other. It is my belief that we can do this by innovating our existing business processes to be “Six-Feet-Apart” form each other.

We have to find new ways to work with customers “Six-Feet-Apart”. We have to find new ways to work with employees “Six-Feet-Apart”. We have to find new ways to work with suppliers “Six-Feet-Apart”. If we can do this, and we can do it quickly, then many of our businesses can get started again.

If we can do this with all our companies within a sector then we can get that sector to surge forward. If we can get multiple sectors to focus on “Six Feet Apart” then we can get our economy up and running through the crisis and beyond. What does getting back to business “Six-Feet-Apart” mean?

Getting back-to-business “Six-Feet-Apart” means stakeholders being able to safely interact with each other and perform their business tasks. It may be as simple as working at a safe distance of six feet (two meters) from each other. This may work for many situations, but will not work for all cases like dentists and opticians working with customers, or R&D or production teams working closely together.

We have already seen more sophisticated “Six-Feet-Apart” solutions whether they are “Touchless” payment systems at supermarkets, or “DIY” cooking with ingredients offered by restaurants, or “Virtual” professors and classrooms at universities, or “drop-off/pickup” delivery systems by pharmacies, or “Protective barriers” like masks and sprays at hospitals, or “Robots” doing the dirty and dangerous work. Each company needs to identify its list of unsafe processes and replace them with new “Six-Feet-Apart” solutions. If done systematically and with care, then that company can get back to business again.

This featured article is developed by Dr. Hitendra Patel, Managing Director of IXL Center

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