Class and Event Schedule

Below is the schedule of our accredited training courses, professional development courses, webinars (or seminars), and conferences in the China and Hong Kong regions:

International Accredited Training Courses of DesignThinkers Academy (DTA)

17 Aug 2022 (Upcoming): DTA 3-Day Design Thinking Advanced Training Course [Details]

2 Sep 2022: HKGCC x DTA 1-Day Course of Design Thinking Fundamentals Training Course [Details]

16 Sep 2022: DTA 2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Training Course [Details]

21 Sep 2022: HKPU x DTA 1.5-Day Using Design Thinking for Better Digital Transformation in Hospitality Training Course [Details]

20 Oct 2022: DTA 2-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals Training Course [Details]

Professional Development Training Courses

22 Sep 2022 (Upcoming): Design Thinking for Game Changers (Training Workshop and Skill Assessment) [Details]

29 Sep 2022: HKRMA x InnoEdge Half-Day Design Thinking for SMART Retail [Details]

Webinars / Seminars / Conferences

15 Aug 2022 (Upcoming): HKPU 1-hour Webinar on Creating New Business Opportunities for the Hospitality Sector in the post-COVID-19 era [Details]

19 Aug 2022: 1.5-hour Webinar of 「設計思維」研討會 : 締造同理心教育,為下一代創造無限可能 [Details]