Building Co-creative Culture

Successful organizational transformations require some level of corporate culture change, and all organizational culture change requires leaders to lead differently and stakeholders to act differently.

To build a co-creative corporate culture for accelerating organizational transformations, all major stakeholders of the change journey need to prioritize the customers’ needs and align as an enterprise team that works collaboratively across internal boundaries in service to that targeted customer segment.

It would help if you had people trust each other enough to stop defending turf; they need to open the line of collaboration and communication with each other.

Specifically, we help enterprises and organizations to:

  • Discover the pain point, expectations, and aspirations about the innovation of executive, management, and operation teams.
  • Define the goal, policies, and significant milestones for the journey of change management (or organizational transformation)
  • Develop the competence framework for Game-Changing Teams and major stakeholders of the transformation
  • Deliver different types of change campaigns and Hackathon events to build the Co-Creative Culture