Organizational Transformation

Professional Services for Driving Your Organizational Transformation

“Reactive” organizations are very costly in an era of disruptive innovation. Proactive organizations have the ability to anticipate and cope with change so that the gap between innovation and operational implementation is minimized. Transforming from the “reactive” mode to a “proactive” mode allows organizations to simplify their operations by functioning in a strategic mode, addressing the root cause of change management issues to eliminate them. Organizational transformation takes place when there is a change in the way the business is done.
Organizations don’t transform. People do — or they don’t. Since people tend to operate in a “reactive” state, organizations spend a significant amount of money and human capital to remedy issues, implement quick fixes or revise policies and procedures to ensure that a process is in place to address the issue the next time it surfaces.
Our solution, which we call Innovation Culture Transformation, is an economical way to provide every staff member with personal employee touchpoints (both face2face and self-service) on the InnoCulture platform. Once the platform is fully deployed, the organization will have developed into an efficient team able to transform from being reactive to being proactive, with the ability to measure the extent of that transformation.