Sales Innovation: Social Selling Enhancement Services

Why Fully Connection Matters
Creating unbreakable connections with customers is not just related to product issues, it is an alignment of holistic solutions and selling cycle. Providing satisfactory products is fundamental to fully engaging your customers in today’s highly competitive market. Further, creating connection with customers at crucial moments will give you the edge in improving your sales leads generation and customer retention rate.
In recent years, the researches of Harvard Business Review have shown that that fully emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable than those who are merely satisfied.
Besides, increased customer connection rate from 24% to 30%, resulting in a 15% increase in the number of active customers and a more than 50% increase in the rate of sales growth.
How to quantify customer Connections
To help sales management to determine the factors enhancing their customer connection rate, we classify intangible emotional bonding into five levels of customer connections–5i Model.
How Fully Connection Helps
If sales professionals can fully connect with their customers, their customer will much easier
  • To share personal (& in-depth) information with them during fact finding process
  • To spend their valuable time with them
  • To appreciate and accept their proposals
  • To purchases the products or services
  • To refer more friends to them
Our Business Deliverable  
For helping enterprise sales force to generate fully-connected sales lead and sustainable business results, we develop a rapid trust-building management system and monitor the progress of fully-connected sales leads generation through Social Media Sales Lead Management Funnel. (For details, please read diagram)
Our Service Offerings
  • Training services for sales professionals and sales Team Leaders
  • 12-week sales performance enhancement projects
  •  lead management system design projects
  • Sales lead management digital platforms

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