Service 2: Diagnosing the critical success factors to create customers’ WOW moments 
Objective: To identify the emotional ignition point of your targeted segments
Format: Customer Demand and Desires analysis report
  • A report on the demand and pain points of your targeted segments
  • A comparison table of the emotional impacts of your products, services and customer journeys and those of your competitors
  • A pool of the innovative emotional connection factors of your products, services and customer journeys
Three packages for accelerating your business growth in different stages:
Package 2A: An all-rounded analysis report with 3-5 years recommendations for long-term corporate development
Package 2B: A full analysis report with 12-18 months recommendations for medium-term business improvements
Package 2C: A diagnosis report with “Ready-To-Use” suggestions for creating quick wins
Four major parts of package 2C are as below:
Part 1: Your expected values of emotional connection
Part 2: Your customer perceived values of emotional connection
Part 3: The value of your performance gap
Part 4: Suggestion of three sets of emotional connection triggers for creating WOW moments of your customers

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