Innovation Strategy Design 

In today’s fast-changing business environment, your customers may interact with hundreds of innovative products, services, and experiences every minute, both online and offline. These temptations may threaten your customers’ continual purchase decisions with your enterprise. To sustain business growth, product innovation and promotion and providing faster and better experiences than your competitors are critical for every business manager.

To create an innovation advantage for your enterprise, all business managers should not only focus on designing Unique Selling Points for your corporate offerings and branding, but also further develop innovative, impactful and iconic “WOW” moments for your customers.

The “Innovative Strategy Design ” professional service series is developed from the core principles and framework of the first four stages of the InnoEdge Customer-Centered Innovation Method. It is designed to help business managers of customer-facing units plan, develop and execute innovative WOW moments for their customers to create higher rates of customer acquisition, retention and engagement.
Based on research published in the Harvard Business Review in August of 2016, if an enterprise can increase its percentage of emotionally connected customers from 21% to 26%, resulting in a 15% increase in the number of active customers and more than a 50% increase in the rate of same-store-sales growth.


The four types of professional services in this series have completely different formats and deliverables. You can select one or all of them depending on your enterprise’s innovation direction, culture and planning.

Service 1: Discovering the market trend of customers’ WOW moments

Format: Market research report

Service 2: Diagnosing the critical success factors to create customers’ WOW moments

Format: Customer feelings analysis report

Service 3: Designing WOW business ideas to enhance customer engagement

Format: Facilitation training workshops

****This is one of InnoEdge’s most popular services****

Service 4: Determining the business return on implementing WOW business

Format: Mock-up fabrication and feasibility study report