Senior executives estimate that only around 30% of strategic projects are a success, not because 70% of projects are based on bad ideas, but because they are poorly executed. A key cause of failure is a lack of employees who focus on project results and business outcomes.
Having the right people in the right positions will automatically dissipate many of the management problems that plague companies and sap valuable resources. Jim Collins argues that firms seeking to make the Good to Great transformation should expend extra time and energy on personnel searches and decisions.
Change agents are the people who drive strategic projects, ensure value-added effort, think systemically, and form alliances to minimize resistance. They get results by creating appropriate alignment, integration, and a high accountability project team.

Change Agent Assessment is a 30-minute online employee assessment of your company’s entire population, including specific segments and talent acquisition. Additional modules, if needed, are available to assess a specific individual’s readiness to become a change agent who can drive strategic projects at your company.
The Index helps to answer three critical questions:
  • Who will be effective in a more challenging role?
  • Who will remain with your company?
  • Who desires more career growth?

The Change Agent for Strategic Projects solution provides detailed findings that include “sore” points and provides insights into your pool of change agents and recommended improvements. The three levels of the solution are listed as follows.

Level 1: Individual Report shows the individual’s overall readiness, provides ratings for each competency, and suggests tips to aid in a new employee’s onboarding, development, or assignment processes.
Level 2: Coach Report offers a detailed description of the individual’s performance in each competency, in addition to tips for conducting a discussion with the participant’s manager to establish development plans and measure progress.
Level 3: Company Report is used in conjunction with the pyramid chart and Company-wide Transform (Change Agents) Index. This company-wide pyramid chart is a simple and visual tool that provides insights into how your team is transforming and identifies with laser precision the gap that matters most.