Service 1: Innovation Culture Change Simulation for Change Management
Format: Simulation Game
Simulation brings us to feel the real-world challenges. In this simulation, participants will form a “Strategic Innovation Team (SIT)” of 4-6 people of an assigned company facing global challenges. Creating competitive innovative products becomes a strategic direction for company’s survival.
Simulation brings participants through the journey from product innovation till the company goes IPO. In each stage, SIT has to overcome the real-world challenges by making innovative changes to the products as well as the team culture.
Simulation makes SIT feel the heart bits of customer’s needs. Meeting different levels of customers provide direct feedbacks for products to be more “customer-centered”. Addressing changes issues after customer’s feedback is painful but matures the SIT and her culture by fostering empathy for customers.
This workshop combines the certified change management knowledge and the process to drive a change initiative in your workplace.
You Will Learn To:
See “big picture” of the complexities of change
Understand your change style
Deal with ambiguity in the change process
Recognize unmet user and stakeholder needs
Suggest options and opportunities for change
Enable all stakeholders to embrace change positively
Evaluate change campaign ideas