Top 10 WOW Experience Design Workshops

In today’s fast-changing business environment, your customers may interact with hundreds of innovative products, services, and experiences every minute, both online and offline. These temptations may threaten your customers’ continual purchase decisions with your enterprise. To sustain business growth, product innovation and promotion and providing faster and better experiences than your competitors are critical for every manager.
The “WOW Business Ideas” workshop series is developed from the core principles and framework of the third stages of the InnoEdge Customer-Centered Innovation Method. It is designed to help corporate staff plan, develop and execute innovative WOW moments for their customers to create higher rates of customer acquisition, retention and engagement.
The three categories of training program in this series have completely different learning focus and targeted participants:
  • Innovation Technique Development (ITD)
  • Customer Management Optimization (CMO)
  • Revenue Model Improvement (RMI)

Below are the code and topics for top 10 training programs:

ITD-001: Step Out of Your Box: Innovative business problem solving techniques
ITD-002: Step Out of Your Box for team: Innovative team leading techniques
CMO-001: Building unbreakable bonding with your customers through innovative and impactful customer journey
CMO-002: Generating unlimited ON-LINE sales leads through innovative and rapid trust-building customer journey
CMO-003: Creating unique and memorable moments for your customers through WOW touchpoints
CMO-004:  Enhancing customer life value through micro, macro and meta customer experience design
CMO-005: Enriching the business values of your products through high-touch value-added services
CMO-006: Engaging your customers for life through all-rounded ON-LINE and ON-SITE experience
RMI-001: Developing disruptive innovation business model for sustainable growth
RMI-002: From Idea to Reality: Transforming innovative ideas to commercialized products & services