Design Thinking Case Library

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If you read nothing else on Design Thinking, watch the 53 sets of self-learning videos below. We have combed through hundreds of our seminars (which were co-organized with the government departments, universities, professional organizations, and industrial institutes in Hong Kong and China) and selected the most important ones to help you use design thinking to create breakthrough innovations and transform your professional career, your teams, and your organizations. The videos are classified into 8 categories:

Table of Contents

Introduction to Design Thinking

Module 0: Why Design Thinking Matters (6 videos)

Design Thinking for Business Innovation

Module 1: Banking and Insurance Sectors (5 videos)

Module 2: Hospitality and F&B Sectors (8 videos)

Module 3: Retail Sector (5 videos)

Module 4: Professional Service Sectors (Legal and Healthcare) (7 videos)

Design Thinking for Social and Human Resource Innovations

Module 5: Social Innovation (6 videos)

Module 6: Human Resource Innovation (8 videos)

Design Thinking for Personal Development

Module 7: Education (5 videos)

Module 8: Career Development (3 videos)

These videos will inspire you to Discover users’ all-rounded demands, Define users’ critical pain point(s), Develop innovative products and services and Deliver an extraordinary user experience.

You will find various video-based cases about the strategies of product enhancement, service improvement, creative startups, social innovations, and employee empowerment from well-known companies or organizations across the world, such as Adidas, Airbnb, BBVA, CISCO, Embrace, GE Healthcare, HSBC, HYATT, IKEA, PepsiCo, Pillpack, P&G, Uber Easts, UNIQLO, and Walmart.

Module 0: Why Design Thinking Matters

Video #001: Creating Breakthrough Products & Services amid COVID-19 (22-min | 廣東話)

Video #002: Why are business executives and educators interested in learning Design Thinking (5-min | English)

Video #003: How may Design Thinking help to create HR Strategy? (4-min | English)

Video #004: Design Thinking for Businesses, NGOs, and & Public Utilities (21-min | 廣東話)

Video #005: How Design Thinking Creates Boardroom Dynamic (16-min | 廣東話)

Video #006: How Design Thinking Works for Startup Business (20-min | 廣東話)

Module 1: Banking and Insurance Sectors

Video #100: How Design Thinking works for Finance Service Sector (20-min | 廣東話)

Video #101: HSBC: Digital Transformations through Design Thinking – User Experience Improvement (6-min | 廣東話)

Video #102: BBVA: Creating Change through DT-based Digital Transformations (10-min | 廣東話)

Video #103: A HK Insurance Company: Enhancing 124% of Closing Rate in the Cold Market through Design Thinking (29-min | 廣東話)

Video #104: Exchange with Expert: How Digitalization creates unlimited opportunities for Insurance Sector (24-min | 廣東話)

Module 2: Hospitality and F&B Sectors

Video #200: How Design Thinking works for Hospitality (10-min | 廣東話)

Video #201: Airbnb: Overcoming the most challenging problems at the startup stage (11-min | 廣東話)

Video #202 Airbnb: Digital Transformations for New Market Development amid COVID-19 (7-min | 廣東話)

Video #203: Uber Eats: Developed Intimate Delivery amid COVID-19 (16-min | 廣東話)

Video #204: Uber Eats: Developed Human-Centered F&B Services (18-min | English)

Video #205: HYATT: Creating new business opportunities amid COVID-19 (12-min | 廣東話)

Video #206: Aviation Sector: Rebuilding Trust in POST-COVID Air-Travel Experience (9-min | 廣東話)

Video #207: How Human-Centered Approaches to Enhance the Operational Effectiveness and Business Development (16-min | 廣東話)

Module 3: Retail Sector

Video #301: IKEA Created Innovative Advantage (10-min | English)

Video #302 UNIQLO: Designed Empathetic Products & Services (15-min | 廣東話)

Video #303: PepsiCo: Reshaped Global Beverage Giant (11-min | 廣東話)

Video #304: An HK Paper Manufacturer: Developed High-Profit Brand Products (5-min | 廣東話)

Video #305: Powerful Retail Business Model amid COVID-19: Emotional Marketing Strategies (31-min | 廣東話)

Module 4: Professional Service Sectors

Healthcare Sector

Video #401: GE Healthcare: Creating Wonderful Patient Experience (22-min | 廣東話)

Video #402: Embrace innovations: Saving Millions of Lives of Preterm Babies in Developing Countries (15-min | English)

Video #403: Pillpack: Helping Millions of Chronic Disease Patients with Empathetic Innovation (8-min | English)

Video #404: Reducing Parent’s Worries through SMART Health Detecting System (9-min | 廣東話)

Legal Sector

Video #405: How Design Thinking works for Legal Sectors (12-min | 廣東話)

Video #406: Linklaters (International Law Firm): Improve M&A Activities to Meet Clients’ Needs (15-min | 廣東話)

Video #407: Telstra: How Telstra’s Internal Legal Team Saved 40,000 Hours (8-min | 廣東話)

Module 5: Social Innovation

Video #500: How Design Thinking works for Social Innovation (6-min | 廣東話)

Video #501: CDIA: Children and Student Development in Hong Kong (9-min | 廣東話)

Video #502: Helping the elderly to overcome their anxiety and adapt to their life changes (10-min | 廣東話)

Video #503: SARDA: Rehabilitation Services for Drug Abusers (8-min | 廣東話)

Video #504: Designing for Accessible Clean Water and Sanitation (9-min | 廣東話)

Video #505: Mosi Mosi Lab: Creating a WOW Experience for Blinds (6-min | 廣東話)

Module 6: Human Resource Innovation

Video #600: Introduction to Design Thinking method for Human Resources Management (9-min | 廣東話)

Video #601: P&G China: Revamped their HR policies for Staff Retention (8-min | 廣東話)

Video #602: Cisco: In 24 hours, HR will Never Be The Same (14-min | 廣東話)

Video #603: Walmart: Building Gender Equity and Diversity Culture (13-min | 廣東話)

Video #604: Adidas: Building the Corporate Culture of Creating The New (12-min | 廣東話)

Video #605: Telstra Australia: Optimizing Onboarding Employee Experience for Graduate Trainees (7-min | 廣東話)

Video #606: A Property Developer: Building Transformation Momentum through Human-Centered Employee Experience (7-min | 廣東話)

Video #607: An Insurance Company: Developing WOW Employee Experience for Breakthrough Sales Performance (5-min | 廣東話)

Module 7: Education

Video #700: Introduction of Design Thinking Method for Education (8-min | 廣東話)

Video #701: Creating Prosthetic and Assistive Technologies for The Developing World (9-min | 廣東話)

Video #702: Enhancing the Learning Effective of Workplace Learning & Assessment Programme (9-min | 廣東話)

Video #703: Exchange with International Design Thinking Educators (Ms. Kiran Bir Sethi) – Design For Change (23-min | English)

Video #704: MinorMynas: Developing a User-friendly Children Learning Platform (7-min | 廣東話)

Module 8: Career Development

Video #801: Developing Your Future Skills with the Design Thinking method (5-min | 廣東話)

Video #802: How Design thinking helped Martha Moore to Promote Female Athlete Empowerment & Gender Equality (9-min | English)

Video #803: How Paula Davis used Design Thinking to reinvent her career (14-min | English)