Customer Experience Design Service

Amid the abundance of new products entering the market every day, while product reviews, comparisons, and unbeatable discounts can be accessed in one click, it is little wonder that businesses have witnessed a dramatic drop in customer loyalty in recent years.
To enhance customer engagement, exposure to your brand and product is a must and providing an  emotionally connected seamless and insightful experience for consumers in every interaction across all channels is mission critical for building an unbreakable bond with your customers.

Emotionally Connected

To achieve an emotionally touching experience, enterprises should provide a personalized and emotionally connected experience for customers. Research has shown that fully emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable for your enterprise than those who are merely satisfied by your product offerings, promotions, and discounts.
Some business sectors have increased the percentage of emotionally connected customers from 21% to 26%, reduced the customer attrition rate from 37% to 33%, and increased customer advocacy from 24% to 30%, resulting in a 15% increase in the number of active customers and a more than 50% increase in the rate of sales growth.


Seamless calls for an omni-channel experience rather than a multi-channel one. If your enterprise can provide excellent service staff in your stores, a high-converting website, and a great mobile experience, customers will get a good multi-channel experience, individually. But if these channels aren’t working together in coordination, it’s not a seamless experience.
From customers’ point of view, a seamless experience means that whether they start their journey in the store, online, or on a mobile app, they can accomplish whatever they set out to do, moving smoothly from one channel to another without any gaps in the process. From enterprises’ point of view, it means the customer can easily complete their purchase thus cutting out the tendency to switch to a competitor.


A insightful experience means that enterprises should own all critical and trustworthy data of every transaction and customer behavior, for all of the channels in real-time, to analyze the bigger picture of customer experience. Based on real-time and integrated data, an enterprise is able to respond to customer demands faster than its competitors and develop more accurate business strategies for fulfilling customers’ hidden and potential needs.

Our Service Offerings

  • Customer pain points and moment-of-truth analysis
  • Product, Service or Customer journey design
  • Prototype or mock-up development
  • Customer emotional connection simulations