Leadership Teams

InnoEdge Group is a distinguished innovation consulting firm that collaborates with prominent leaders across various sectors, including business, social, education, and public services, to effectively address their mission-critical challenges and seize their most valuable opportunities. Our dedicated team comprises a Managing Partner, a Management Committee, and a group of seasoned Innovation Specialists.

We take great pride in our commitment to excellence and continuously strive to uphold our purpose, mission, and core values.

Purpose: Building a sustainable world through co-creative and human-centered innovations

Mission: Transforming innovation into our clients’ competitive edge

Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Co-Creation, Return-Centered and Sustainability Driven

Mr. David Chung, Group Managing Partner

Management Committee of Consulting Services

Mr. Inno Man

Ms. Tiffany Liu

Dr. KM Yim

Mr. Berman Law

Innovation Specialist Team

From Left to Right: Mr. Simon Lee, Ms. Yan Choi, Ms. Tiffany Liu, Mr. Inno Man, Mr. David Chung, Dr. KM Yim, Mr. Berman Law, Ms. Yvonne Chan, Mr. Jimmy Wan and Mr. Paul Lee

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