Developing Innovation Teams

An Innovation or Game-Changing team is a team of entrepreneurial employees appointed to improve organizational competitiveness by executing organizational transformation strategies.

Researchers have identified four characteristics of an effective Innovation or Game-Changing team – Flexibility, Openness to experience, Focus on results linked to strategy, and Effective communication and listening skills. The core skills of the Design Thinking method are Creativity, Diversity Thinking, Co-Creation, and empathy, which meet the characteristics of effective change agents.

Over the past seven years, we developed over 10,000 Innovation Partitioners and Game-Changers through over 500 training classes and consulting projects on Design Thinking. Since 2023, we have provided 4 Levels (Supporters, Practitioners, Facilitators,and Change Leaders) of Design Thinking training courses (Public and In-house Formats) to equip different competencies of your staff for problem-solving, leading innovation projects, and driving organizational changes.

Public Class Schedule 2024 for DesignThinkers Academy China (Hong Kong | Guangzhou | Shanghai )

Levels and Class Titles DatesLocation
Level 1
Design Thinking Awareness CourseTBCN/A
Level 2
Design Thinking Fundamentals Certificate Course
[2-Day | Cantonese]
19 & 20 JulHong Kong SAR
 15 & 16 NovHong Kong SAR
Design Thinking Fundamentals Certificate Course
[2-Day | Mandarin]
 26 & 27 JulGuangzhou
22 & 23 NovShanghai 
Level 3
Design Thinking Facilitation Certification Course
[3-Day | Cantonese]
2, 3 & 10 AugHong Kong SAR
Level 4
DesignThinkers Global Leadership BootCamp 2024
[4-Day | Cantonese & ENglish]
TBCHong Kong SAR

Level 1:

Professional Training Course for Design Thinking Supporters

  • Level 1: Design Thinking Awareness Course
  • Duration: 0.5-Day
  • Outcome: Developing Change (Growth) and Human-Centered Mindset
  • Content: 4-set of Traditional DT Tools
  • Upcoming Class: No | In-house Service Only

Level 2:

International Accredited Training Courses for Design Thinking Practitioners

  • Level 2: Design Thinking Fundamentals Course
  • Duration: 2-Day
  • Outcome:  Equipping Human-Centered Innovation Mindset and Developing Innovative Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Content: 10-set of Traditional DT Tools (of Traditional Design Thinking Model)
  • Upcoming Class
  • Level 2: Data-Driven Service Innovation Course
  • Duration: 3-Day
  • Outcome:  Equipping Data-Driven Business Innovation Skills for Services & Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Content: 10-set of Traditional and 4-set of Digitalized DT Tools (of Data-Driven Design Thinking Model)
  • Upcoming Class

Level 3:

International Accredited Training Course for Design Thinking Facilitators

  • Level 3: Competency-based DT Facilitator Certification Course
  • Duration: 3-Day and 2 follow-up sessions
  • Outcome: Facilitating Project Teams to Use DT Tools for problem-solving and innovations
  • Content: 8-set of DT Techniques for Leading Innovation Teams
  • Upcoming Class(es): DesignThinkers Academy Public Class Schedule 2024

Level 4:

International Accredited Training Course for Change Leaders

  • Level 4: DesignThinkers Global BootCamp Certificate Course
  • Duration: 5-Day (or 4.5-Day)
  • Outcome:  Empowering Leaders to (1) Drive Organizational Transformation, (2) Design Disruptive Business Models (3) Build Change Culture
  • Content: 18-set of DT Tools for Design New Business Strategies and Driving Business Change
  • Upcoming Class(es): DesignThinkers Academy Public Class Schedule 2024

** The pdf version of Design Thinking Training and Design Sprint Service Catalogue 2024 **