Developing Game-Changing Teams

A Game-Changing team is a team of entrepreneurial employees appointed to improve organizational competitiveness by executing organizational transformation strategies.

Researchers have identified four characteristics of an effective Game-Chaning team – Flexibility, Openness to experience, Focus on results linked to strategy, and Effective communication and listening skills. The core skills of the Design Thinking method are Creativity, Diversity Thinking (for exploring the possibility), and Co-Creation and empathy, which meet the characteristics of effective change agents.

Over the past seven years, we developed over 10,000 Game-Changers through over 500 training classes and consulting projects on Design Thinking. Since 2023, we have provided 4 Levels (Supporters, Practitioners, Facilitators and Change Leaders)of Design Thinking training courses to equip different competencies of your staff for problem-solving, leading innovation projects and driving organizational changes.

Level 1:

Professional Training Course for Design Thinking Supporters

  • Course: Design Thinking Awareness Course
  • Duration: 0.5-Day
  • Outcome: Developing Change (Growth) and Human-Centered Mindset
  • Content: 4-set of Traditional DT Tools
  • Upcoming Class: No | In-house Service Only

Level 2:

International Accredited Training Courses for Design Thinking Practitioners

  • Course: Design Thinking Fundamentals Course
  • Duration: 2-Day
  • Outcome:  Equipping Human-Centered Mindset, Innovative Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Content: 10-set of Traditional DT Tools (of Traditional Design Thinking Model)
  • Upcoming Class: 20 & 21 Oct 2023
  • Level 2: Data-Driven Service Innovation Course
  • Duration: 3-Day
  • Outcome:  Equipping Data-Driven Business Design Skills for Services & Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Content: 10-set of Traditional and 4-set of Digitalized DT Tools (of Data-Driven Design Thinking Model)
  • Upcoming Class: 7, 14, & 21 Oct 2023

Level 3:

International Accredited Training Program for Design Thinking Facilitators

Level 4:

International Accredited Training Program for Change Leaders

  • Level 4: DesignThinkers Global BootCamp Certificate Course
  • Duration: 5-Day and 5 Coaching Sessions
  • Outcome:  Empowering Leaders to (1) Drive Organizational Transformation, (2) Design Disruptive Business Models (3) Build Change Culture
  • Content: 18-sets of DT Tools for Drive Business Change
  • Upcoming Class: 22 to 26 Nov 2023 | Coaching Sessions will be held in Dec, Jan & Feb

** The pdf version of 5 Core Design Thinking Training Courses of DesignThinkers Academy **