Driving Transformation and Deliver Results

As the leading expert on disruptive innovation and change management with the Design Thinking method, we bring a unique set of lenses to drive sustainable business and develop co-creative culture & game-changing teams for your enterprises and organizations.

We help leaders develop deep insights into the unmet, hidden, and potential needs of tomorrow’s customers and a unique value proposition of the enterprises and then co-create the organizational capabilities to get there. Our three dimensions of consulting and training approaches go beyond traditional analytic consulting methods.

Dimension (1): Driving Sustainable Business

Dimension (2): Developing Co-creative Culture

Dimension (3): Developing Game-Changing Teams

We will help you discover the unknown – and identify and leverage opportunities and markets that don’t yet exist. In addition, we obsess about delivering impact. Our ultimate goal is the same as yours – creating tangible business results.

In the past 7 years, we co-created measurable business results (revenue growth, profit margin, customer acquisition & retention rate) with hundreds of Hong Kong enterprises and organizations in aviation, banking, insurance, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, public service, and urban development sectors. We leave them with an innovation management system, co-creative working culture, and capable employees to continue to grow over the long haul.