4 Service Dimensions

InnoEdge Consulting Group is a leading professional service organization dedicated to providing comprehensive innovation management services. Our purpose is to cultivate internationally recognized innovation practitioners, implement customer-centric innovation processes, and build open innovation platforms for enterprises to drive business transformation and organizational change.

Our quintessential mission—Transforming Innovation into Your Corporate Competitive Edge—is the core engine that powers each of our four distinct service dimensions.

Our professorial service of Driving Sustainable Business takes this mission to heart, embedding innovation deeply within your strategic initiatives, ensuring that your business not only adapts but also thrives amidst market evolutions and disruptions.

As for Developing a Co-creative Culture, this professional service is pivotal in cultivating a workspace where innovation is as natural as collaboration, allowing creative concepts to flow and interweave with your corporate DNA.

With Assessing Innovation Leadership Skills, we identify and amplify the potential within your leaders, equipping them to be the torchbearers of innovation, igniting passion and pioneering change throughout your organization. This leadership is instrumental in establishing a competitive edge that is both influential and enduring.

Finally, our focus on Developing Innovation Teams is about perfecting the groups that are the lifeblood of innovation in action. Your teams will turn groundbreaking ideas into reality and ensure that your business not only competes but leads at the forefront of industry innovation.

Together, these four service dimensions form a holistic strategy that places our mission at its core, guaranteeing that innovation is not just an abstract concept but a tangible asset that propels your company toward unparalleled competitiveness and success.

Over the past seven years, we have collaborated with hundreds of enterprises and organizations across diverse sectors in Hong Kong, including aviation, banking, insurance, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, public service, and urban development sectors.

We have partnered with clients to achieve increased revenue, improved profitability, and heightened customer loyalty, leaving a lasting impact through an established innovation management system, a co-creative work culture, and a cadre of capable employees. Our commitment goes beyond immediate success; we lay the groundwork for perpetual innovation and growth, ensuring that the organizations we work with continue to thrive over the long haul.

Corporate Overview of InnoEdge

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