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Service Highlight and Overview

This assessment service has been meticulously developed to comply with the most recent international academic research for the competencies in the Design Thinking method.

Leadership assessment is pivotal for transformational organizations, serving as a critical tool in developing leaders who can effectively guide change and foster a culture of innovation. It illuminates the current state of leadership, guides personalized development, and ensures that leaders’ skills are in sync with the transformative goals of the organization. For businesses intent on thriving amidst change, nurturing transformational leaders through targeted assessments is not just beneficial. It’s essential.

Our Leadership Assessment Services are custom-tailored for Organizational Change Leaders (LAS-010) and Innovation Project Leaders (LAS-020) ), offering a deep analysis of their Human-Centered Orientation, Innovation Process Mastery, and Strategic Innovation Foresight. The scope of the assessment encompasses not just their leadership capabilities but also provides actionable recommendations to help them enhance the necessary skills for leading through the transformative journey of the enterprise.

Five Unique Advnatages

(1) Global Benchmarking: It ensures that our assessments are not only rigorous but also relevant on an international scale. This alignment with globally recognized benchmarks allows us to evaluate leaders against the highest standards of Design Thinking expertise, ensuring they are competitive and proficient in a global marketplace. Furthermore, by adhering to these universal standards, our service facilitates a common language of leadership and innovation skills, enabling organizations to benchmark their talent against the best in the world and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

(2) Specialized Design Thinking Skills Evaluation: Our assessment framework intricately links Design Thinking competencies with the core attributes of transformational leadership, recognizing that the ability to innovate and empathize is foundational to inspiring and guiding teams through change. We emphasize the role of Design Thinking in nurturing leaders who are not only visionaries but also catalysts for transformation, empowering them to enact substantial and impactful advancements within their organizations. This connection ensures that leaders we assess are equipped to envision and effectively implement progressive strategies that can reshape their business landscapes.

(3) Professional Interpretation and Guidance: We arrange for internationally accredited professionals in the field of Design Thinking to provide report explanations and expert guidance for the leaders being assessed. This ensures that the evaluated leaders can deeply understand the underlying meaning of the feedback they receive from others, engage in in-depth inquiries in real-time, and effectively formulate action plans for enhancing their leadership skills.

(4) Actionable Recommendations: The recommendations provided are not generic. They are tailored to the individual’s assessed competencies, pinpointing exact behaviors and practices that can be refined or adapted to elevate their leadership in innovation and transformation. To make the feedback as tangible as possible, we include clear examples of desired behaviors and practices that embody the Design Thinking competencies required for effective leadership.

(5) 360-degree Feedback Mechanism: It offers a holistic perspective on a leader’s performance by incorporating diverse viewpoints. This approach enriches the assessment with a range of observations and experiences and mitigates the bias that can arise from a single evaluator’s perspective. By integrating feedback from those above, alongside, and below a leader in the organizational hierarchy, the assessment captures the full spectrum of a leader’s impact within the team and the wider organization.

(6) Choice of Language for Reporting: Clients can receive their detailed assessment reports in either English or Chinese, according to their preference.

Case Reference

Our client stands as a distinguished beacon for youth services in Hong Kong, steadfast in its mission to provide a spectrum of opportunities that nurture the comprehensive development of the youth. The organization embarked on an endeavor to foster its future leader’s echelons through an 18-month Leadership Enhancement Program. 

We deployed a 360-degree Design Thinking Competency Assessment to gauge the innovation leadership acumen of the participants. The assessment’s accuracy was fortified through a combination of self-appraisals and evaluations provided by superiors, human resources delegates, and Design Thinking coaches.  [For details, please click here

Leadership Assessment Service for Change Leaders (Code: LAS-010)

For Change Leaders, our assessment is vital to enhancing skills like Strategic Innovation Foresight, Innovation Process Mastery, and Human-Centered Orientation—all critical for leading successful organizational transformations. The insights gained are instrumental in shaping leaders who can navigate and drive change effectively.

Targeted staffSenior Managers or Directors who are responsible for leading corporate-level business transformation or organizational change
Scope of Assessment10 Design Thinking Skills of Strategic Innovation Foresight, Innovation Process Mastery and Human-Centered Orientation
Assessment Approach 360-degree assessment method. We can arrange for a total of 6 individuals to participate in the assessment task (including the assessee’s superiors, peers, or coaches)
Report LanguagesEnglish and Chinese
Service FeeHK$4,000
A company can arrange for 3 staff members to undergo a 360-degree assessment, for which we will provide a total of 1.5 hours of “individual” professional interpretation and guidance for those 3 staff members.

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Sample Report:

Leadership Assessment Service for Project Leaders (Code: LAS-020)

For Project Leaders, the assessment underscores the importance of their role in managing innovation projects, focusing on Innovation Process Mastery and Human-Centered Orientation. It is essential for aligning project management with overarching strategic objectives and nurturing an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration.

Targeted staffMiddle to Senior Managers who are responsible for leading product- or departmental-based innovation (or improvement) projects
Scope of assessment7 Design Thinking Skills of Innovation Process Mastery and Human-Centered Orientation
Assessment Approach360-degree assessment method. We can arrange for a total of 3 individuals to participate in the assessment task (including the assessee’s superiors, peers, or coaches)
Report LanguagesEnglish and Chinese
Service FeeHK$3,000
A company can arrange for 4 staff members to undergo the 360-degree assessment. We will provide a 1-hour professional interpretation and guidance session for these 4 staff members.

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Sample Report: